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Endurance Training for Women: The Complete Guide

This collection of articles addresses common training topics — including the unique physiological needs — of female endurance athletes.

If you’re a woman in endurance sports, you know that the complex world of training is made even more intricate by your unique physiology. Periods, menopause, and all the hormonal fluctuations that come with these processes can be difficult to navigate — especially when you’re a competitive athlete. This list of articles has been curated to demystify common women-specific training topics so that you can feel empowered to train smarter, harder, and faster than ever before.

All About Periods, Menopause, and Hormones

image of a woman's legs running in a marathon race and completing endurance training for women

Do female athletes need to modify their training around their monthly cycle?

-By Gale Bernhardt

For the female athlete seeking peak performance, understanding how the hormones of their monthly cycle affect performance is important.

-By Nicole Odell

Author and coach Katee Pedicini explains how hormones respond to training and how prevent imbalances.

-By Katee Pedicini

Female athletes often achieve stunning performances well through middle age. Here’s what you need to know to be one of them.

-By Carrie McCusker

Female athletes should be aware of what’s happening to their bodies as they age, and how hormone replacement therapy might help support long-term health and athletic performance.

-By Nicola Keay

Articles About Nutrition and Energy Deficiency

image of a young woman sitting on a hill at sunset drinking water doing endurance training for women

Should female athletes hydrate differently than their male counterparts? Sports scientist Abby Coleman breaks through the hype.

-By Abby Coleman

Female athletes are susceptible to the Female Athlete Triad, suffering adverse symptoms due to low energy availability. Here’s how to recognize the signs.

-By Carrie McCusker

Relative Energy Deficiency in sports, or RED-S, affects male and female athletes, and can be detrimental to health and performance.

-By Nicola Keay

More Training Topics

TrainingPeaks Ambassador Yewande Adesida on a bike doing aerobic training for endurance racing

Strength training is a component of training that many female athletes neglect. Nicole Drummer gives the reasons to strength train along with some key exercises you can do at home.

-By Nicole Odell

The line between dedication and addiction can be a thin one, especially in endurance sports. Here’s what to look out for.

-By Nick Busca

Any athlete, male or female, can suffer from prolapse. Find out what factors can decrease your risk.

-By Menachem Brodie

Here are four tips for any female cyclist to increase their comfort on the bike.

-By Todd Carver

Here’s one female coach’s take on whether or not women need different training plans than their male counterparts.

-By Gale Bernhardt

Buying a new bike is a fun, but daunting task. For women, the process can be made harder when considering women’s specific models. Coach Nicole Drummer points out what women should look for when shopping for a women’s specific bike.

-By Nicole Odell

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Resources for Female Athletes

Training for Women

Endurance training isn't one-size-fits-all. Here's your one-stop shop for training tips, inspiration, training plans, and stories from women in endurance sport.

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