GTN Presents: How to Calculate Your Run Race Pace


In the latest episode of “Triathlon Training Explained,” host Heather Fell discusses how to better calculate your run race pace for more efficient training goals and race-day planning.

How These Athletes Got Started in Triathlon


During Kona week, it's easy to think that every IRONMAN dream starts and ends in Hawaii. But for these athletes, triathlon goes beyond the big island.

Best Bike Split IRONMAN Kona Predictions


If this year's IRONMAN 70.3 World Championships are any indicator, IRONMAN Kona could have some serious fireworks. Here's what we expect to see on race day.

Matt Hanson Isn’t Feeling the Heat


How IRONMAN world record holder Matt Hanson shrugs off the pressure, even heading into triathlon's crowning event.

Triny Willerton’s Kona Dream


Ready, Set, Kona! Our 2018 IRONMAN World Championship coverage has race-day predictions, athlete insights and training takeaways straight from the Big Island. Triny Willerton is an age-group triathlete and mother of three who was working her way steadily toward IRONMAN world championships in Kona. 2018 was supposed to be her year; her coach was optimistic […]

heat adaptations

How IRONMAN Racers Prepare For Kona’s Punishing Climate


When you go to race Kona, the heat is going to punch you in the mouth— whether it happens in training or on race day is up to you.

benn hoffman kona

Ben Hoffman Finds Opportunity in Technology


When you're racing Kona, every advantage counts. Here is the technology professional triathlete Ben Hoffman uses to train for IRONMAN world championships.

Triathlon Race-Week Checklists


You've done all the hard work, but the two weeks before your triathlon can be make-or-break. Here are the checklists you'll need to minimize the unknowns.

The Art of The Taper: It’s Not A One-Size Fits All


Dr. Rick Kattouf addresses three scenarios where a race-day taper might not go as planned—and tells us how to pivot to ensure success no matter what.

Training For An IRONMAN Through a Stress Fracture


Jeff, one of my athletes, is a very self-determined individual, especially when he has a goal in front of him—and he definitely pushes hard to accomplish those goals. His drive and determination serve him well much of the time, but sometimes he pushes a little too hard and does not quite hear those little voices warning […]

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