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Top 5 Triathlon Training Plans for 2023

Ready to tackle your next triathlon challenge? These five training plans will get you in peak condition for your 2023 races.

Nothing feels better than showing up to the start line feeling prepared, confident, and in peak condition. Enter the value of a quality triathlon training plan, which structures your training so that you don’t have to plan workouts or worry about being unprepared on race day.

Whether you’re looking to conquer an Ironman or want to challenge your speed in a sprint-distance race, these plans will get you in peak form for 2023. Plus, for a limited time, save 10% on one year of TrainingPeaks Premium when you purchase a training plan.

1. Best for Beginner Ironman 

You’re super busy. You work hard and you don’t have a lot of free time. But you still want to achieve your dreams. That’s where Phil’s Beginner IRONMAN 70.3 Plan comes in.

image of Phil Mosley Beginner IRONMAN 70.3 training plan
  • This training plan is designed specifically for beginner or returning IRONMAN 70.3 triathletes with busy lives. It’s flexible, so it can fit around your work and other commitments.
  • And it’s progressive, so the workouts start off at an easier level and gradually get harder over time, to boost your speed, endurance and confidence.
  • Plus, there’s a time-efficient strength plan to keep you strong and supple.
  • And email coach support, so you can get answers to any questions you have along the way.
  • So if you’re looking to conquer your first IRONMAN 70.3, sign up to Phil’s Beginner IRONMAN 70.3 Plan today!

2. Best Triathlon Training Plan for Intermediate Competitors

This 26-week plan is designed to take you to a fitness level to allow you to competitively complete a Half Iron Distance Triathlon event (1.9k swim, 90k bike. 21k run). It incorporates a lot of interval-based training to keep the training time to a minimum whilst still getting your body fit enough, strong and resilient enough to cope with the demands of the event.

image of a training plan by Rebecca Romero for Half Iron Distance Triathlon on TrainingPeaks
  • This plan is aimed at an athlete who has already competed in triathlon or another sport previously and so has a fitness base already in place. 
  • The bike sessions are built around the use of a Power Meter.
  • 1 rest day per week
  • 3 swims per week
  • 3 bikes per week
  • 3/4 runs per week
  • 2-3 x 15 minute aero position exercises per week
  • Time required peaks at 13 hours. But the average for the 26 weeks is just over 10 hours per week.

3. Best for Triathletes Looking for a New PR

Featuring the proven 80/20 intensity balance described in Fitzgerald and Warden’s bestselling book 80/20 Triathlon, this IRONMAN 70.3® Level 2 training plan will provide you with the same workout structure used by the most successful triathletes in the world.

image of an 80/20 Endurance Ironman 70.3 training plan on TrainingPeaks
  • This plan is a good fit for competitive triathletes with a goal of finishing their next half Ironman in a personal-best time. 
  • Choose it only if you have previously completed at least one triathlon of any distance or you have a strong history in one of the three disciplines. 
  • You should be comfortably able to swim, bike, and run for an hour and complete 6 total hours of aerobic exercise over seven days before you begin.
  • This plan presents the run workout intensity targets by Pace, the bike by Power, and the swim by Pace. Other intensity-type versions of this plan are also available.

4. Best Beginner Triathlon Training Plan

This highly-rated Olympic triathlon training program gets participants into peak condition quickly and efficiently.

image of Steven Moody Beginner Olympic training plan on TrainingPeaks
  • Suitable if you are preparing for your first Olympic triathlon.
  • Training time ranges from five to eight hours per week.
  • Includes race-specific sessions such as bricks and open-water swimming sets.
  • A typical training week includes two swim sessions, three bike workouts, three run workouts, and one or two days of rest.
  • The plan is built on cycles of three-week progressions with one-week recovery.
  • Get unlimited email access for answering your questions.

5. Best for Experienced Competitors

If you’re looking for a comprehensive and well-structured training plan to help you realize your dreams at IRONMAN 140.6, look no further. Race your best IRONMAN 140.6 triathlon with this training plan, designed for experienced, time-crunched triathletes.

image of Phil Mosely Intermediate Ironman 140.6 training plan on TrainingPeaks
  • This training plan is designed specifically for intermediate level triathletes, gradually building up your fitness and confidence so you’re ready to take on race day.
  • The plan is flexible to fit around other commitments like work and family, with shorter workouts during the week and longer ones at weekends.
  • The author conquered an IRONMAN in 8 hours 55, so you can be sure you’re in good hands.
  • Plus, you’ll have email access to a coach who can answer any questions you have along the way.

Whatever your goals are for 2023, reach them faster, stronger, and more confident with the right training plan.

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