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A Calorie Is Not A Calorie


Food calories affect the body very differently depending on their source and the overall context in which they are consumed. This article explains why not all calories are equal. 

Caffeine And The Endurance Athlete


Caffeine is naturally occurring chemical compound that functions in the body mainly as a mild nervous system stimulant. See how it affects your performance.

Skiing: Preventing The Afternoon Bonk


Some well-timed carbohydrate and protein consumption will help you get much more out of your next winter trip to the mountains. Here are a few tips to prevent that afternoon bonk.

How To Burn More Fat While Training


Eating a high-fat diet and training at lower intensities will increase your fat burning during exercise--but will it help you race better?

A Runner’s Guide to Fabulous Abs


A chiseled midsection doesn't just look good; it's also good for your running. But how do you get great abs? Running alone won't do the job.

Protein 202


You’ve already passed Protein 101, now it’s time for Protein 202: five beyond-the-basics protein facts that will help you use protein more effectively to build muscle and even burn fat. 

The Straight Dope on Salt


There a lot of myths about the effects of salt consumption. Here's the "straight dope" on the role of sodium in an athlete's nutrition protocol.

Carb-Protein Sports Drink Research Update


New studies show that drinking a carb-protein sports drinking during weightlifting reduces mucle damage, and more.

Glycemic Index


The glycemic index is a borderline-useless tool for health and weight management. This article puts the Glycemic Index into perspective.

Energy Partitioning


The effort to get leaner is essentially a game of energy partitioning, or ensuring that most of the calories you consume are used to build and fuel muscles.

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