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Top 5 Cycling Training Plans for 2024

Considering a fresh cycling challenge in 2024? These five training plans will get you in peak condition for your next big goal.

Nothing beats the feeling of showing up to your start line prepared, confident, and in peak condition. Enter: a quality training plan that helps you plan your workouts and build fitness so that you don’t have to worry about feeling unprepared on race day.

Here’s a selection of the best-selling cycling training plans on TrainingPeaks, curated for cyclists of all levels. Plus, for a limited time, save 15% on one year of TrainingPeaks Premium when you purchase a training plan.

1. Best Base-Building Training Plan for Experienced Cyclists

Any endurance cyclist (MTB, gravel, road) will benefit from this advanced and customizable base training plan. This plan focuses on building low-intensity aerobic fitness and layering in progressively higher-intensity work as time progresses.

Cody Waite Cycling
  • Includes optional twice-weekly, cycling-specific strength training sessions.
  • Most weeks are written as 8-14 hours per week, but this can be modified to match your desired volume of hours/TSS per week.
  • Can be used outdoors or indoors; structured cycling sessions can be performed in ERG mode on a smart trainer or taken outside with heart rate and power targets.
  • Testing and recovery weeks are built-in.

2. Best Indoor Cycling Training Plan

Don’t let the weather get in the way of your 2024 fitness goals. This research-based, 12-week indoor training plan is carefully designed to build your fitness and keep you motivated.

Dylan Johnson Cycling
  • Suitable for most cycling disciplines including road, MTB, gravel, and cyclocross.
  • Includes cycling-specific strength training sessions. 
  • Volume and intensity build throughout the plan.
  • Endurance and long rides are specifically designed to keep you engaged on the indoor trainer.

3. Best Gravel/Mountain Bike Training Plan for Masters

Consistency, strength, power, skills, intensity, and recovery are the name of the game in this 12-week mountain bike training program. This plan is specifically designed for Masters and focuses on quality over quantity.

Lynda Wallenfels Cycling
  • Both indoor and outdoor riding options are available. 
  • Includes a 12-week, periodized strength program designed to increase muscular strength and your resiliency to injury. 
  • Weekly training plan hours range from 9 to 12 hours per week.
  • Field tests are performed in weeks one, six, and 12 to track performance improvements and power increases and ensure your heart rate zones are accurate.
  • Improves your technical skills with weekly technical ride skills practice.

4. Best Plan for Road Cyclists Looking for an FTP Boost

If you’re in good shape but want to be in great shape, this is the plan for you. Feel stronger and go longer by increasing your FTP with this science-based training plan.

Big Development Coaching Cycling 1
  • Developed using tried-and-tested methodologies based on the fundamental principles of exercise physiology.
  • Workouts are based on intensity instead of volume. 
  • Weekly TSS intentionally builds in a progressive but achievable way.
  • Each workout includes information on the metabolic system and aims to familiarize you with the interplay of ATP and phosphocreatine.
  • All workouts are compatible with Zwift, TrainerRoad, Garmin, Wahoo, or other companion apps of your choice.

5. Best Training Plan to Lose Weight and Get Fit

Whether you’re looking to lose some weight, be more efficient at burning the correct fuel, or want to improve your power-to-weight ratio, this plan has you covered. 

This 10-week plan is aimed at all cycling enthusiasts who want to lose weight, improve fitness, raise their threshold, or start training for a specific event.

Optimum Coaching Cycling
  • Focuses on high-intensity intervals and fasted sessions designed to burn fat. 
  • Great for cyclists who currently train a few times a week but are looking for more structured training.
  • Volume ranges from five to eight and a half hours a week.
  • Includes a 12-week strength and conditioning program. 
  • Sessions used in the plan are tried and tested from beginner to current world tour riders.

Whatever your goals are for 2024, reach them faster, stronger, and more confident with the right training plan.

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