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Reach Your Goals With a Plan

Get 15% off one year of TrainingPeaks Premium when you purchase a training plan.

Unlock Your Potential in 2024

Ready to realize your potential in 2024? Take the guesswork out of planning your workouts and analyzing your data when you combine the structure of a training plan from top endurance coaches with the power of TrainingPeaks Premium. For a limited time, save 15% on an annual Premium subscription when you purchase a plan to set yourself up for success in the new year.

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Find Your Plan

Browse our wide selection of plans or use our Training Plan Quiz to find the perfect plan for your sport type, experience level, and event.

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Add Premium

Once you have a training plan added to your cart, select the option to add Premium at 15% off when you check out.

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Train Smarter

With your training plan paired with Premium, you’ll have the expert programming and the powerful tools you need to succeed in 2024.

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Make Next Year Even Better With a Plan

Training plans offer the structure and guidance you need to turn your training goals into a reality. No more guessing whether or not your workouts are effective — our plans are expertly designed by the world’s top coaches to help you reach peak fitness. Choose an affordable training plan that’s tailored to your schedule, sport type, or ability level to kick-start your fitness goals and unlock your potential in 2024.

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Get Real-Time Training Prompts During Your Workouts

Connecting your favorite fitness devices — like Apple, Garmin, Suunto and Zwift — to your TrainingPeaks account makes completing your workouts easier than ever. Sync your scheduled workouts to your smartwatch or bike computer so that you get real-time training prompts during your training sessions. After your workout is completed, your data will be sent back to TrainingPeaks so that you can track your progress and watch your fitness improve.

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Level Up Your Training Plan With Premium

For a limited time, get 15% off one year of TrainingPeaks Premium when you purchase a training plan.

Easily Reschedule Your Workouts

Missed a workout? No problem. Premium allows you to move around your workouts according to your personal calendar, giving you the flexibility you need to stay on track when life gets in the way. Daily reminders notify you of upcoming workouts so that you can strategize your day in advance, and our integrated weather feature helps you see when your sessions need to be moved indoors.

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Watch Your Fitness Climb With Weekly Recaps

With the Weekly Fitness Summary, you get a clear picture of your weekly progress with all the metrics you need to help you stay on track. Find your total time spent doing each sport, and see how your Fitness and Fatigue levels are pacing as you work your way through your training plan. Use this as your guide to strike that balance between pushing hard and staying injury-free.

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Monitor Your Progress With Peak Performances

With Peak Performances, each workout is a chance to push yourself to new limits. Peak Performances allows you to see when you set a new personal best for power, heart rate, or pace. Feel the satisfaction from going harder and faster, celebrate when you reach new heights, and stay motivated throughout your plan as you work towards your bigger goal.

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TrainingPeaks helped me with planning my schedule and dropping the training right onto my bike computer. So after work, I can switch off my brain, start my Wahoo, and ride. It’s very easy to see where I am in the training plan and to switch a workout with another.


The good news is that you don’t have to figure it all out by yourself — a good training plan can help guide you to your goals by providing structure, accountability, and support that makes daily training seamless and stress-free.

Rebecca Johansson