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How to Train for the Leadville 100 MTB


The Leadville 100 MTB is a challenging and humbling race for even the most fit riders. Here are tips on how to put together the best training, nutrition and race-day strategy so you can make it to that finish line.

Stop Counting Calories If You Want to Lose Weight


For many endurance athletes, calories in do not equal calories out. If you have trouble losing weight despite heavy training and a restricted diet, the problem may be in what and when you’re eating and not how much.

All-Out Miracle Intervals to Improve Average Power for Endurance Events


These high-intensity, short duration intervals are a great way to increase your power output and increase motor unit activation compared to endurance training alone.

The Ultimate Interval Treadmill Session To Improve Speed and Beat Boredom


This workout relies on short, high-intensity intervals at a high incline coupled with generous rest, and is guaranteed to improve your speed by stimulating your neuromuscular system.

Metabolic Syndrome: Gaining Weight During Endurance Sports Training


Some athletes struggle with gaining weight while training for endurance events. This condition, known as Metabolic Syndrome, can be managed in order to still achieve your goals. Coach and author Gale Bernhardt gives her account on one athlete that she was able to help overcome MetS.

Female Athletes and Modifying Training Due to Monthly Menstrual Cycles


For female athletes, training during their monthly menstrual cycle can be difficult to deal with. Coach Gale Bernhardt answers the question of how, or even if, female athletes need to change their training around their monthly cycle.

Do Women Need Special Training Plans?


The trend towards women-specific clothing and equipment continues to grow. Does this trend extend to training principles for women? Learn more from expert coach Gale Bernhardt.