VIDEO: Endurance Strength Roundup- Running Drills

VIDEO: Endurance Strength Roundup- Running Drills

D3 Multisport’s AJ Johnson goes over two running activation drills to facilitate proper running form and better mechanics.

Welcome to the TrainingPeaks Endurance Strength Roundup video series. In each installment D3 Multisport coaches will show you quick, efficient movements with minimal equipment that are designed to be easily added to your multisport routine for increased agility, strength, power and injury prevention.

D3 Multisport’s AJ Johnson goes over two running activation drills—the double-arm-reverse-swing and the heel-toe-fall-forward drill—that are great additions to your current running warm up.

The double-arm-reverse-swing will open up your shoulders and chest to encourage a more fluid arm swing, while the heel-toe-fall-forward drill encourages a proper forward lean for a more economical running position.

Try doing each of these drills before your next run and with regular practice you will begin to feel your running mechanics and speed improve.

For expert running plans to suit athletes of all levels and distances, check out D3 Multisport’s running plans here.

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Mike Ricci

Mike Ricci is a Level III USAT Certified Coach and was honored as the USAT Coach of the Year. He is the founder and head coach of D3 Multisport. The three D’s, Desire, Determination and Discipline are the cornerstone for his coaching philosophies. The D3 coaches use evidence-based training science, technology and wisdom to guide athletes toward their multisport goals. D3 inspires others through their community of athletes who are great ambassadors of the sport.

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