VIDEO: Endurance Strength Roundup- Hip Strengthening Exercises for Running


Welcome to the TrainingPeaks Endurance Strength Roundup video series. In each installment D3 Multisport coaches will show you quick, efficient movements with minimal equipment that are designed to be easily added to your multisport routine for increased strength, power and injury prevention.

This edition features exercises targeting the lateral muscles in the hips, which, when inefficiently trained can lead to knee and hip pain. Triathletes are susceptible to tight and weak hip muscles as they generally move only in a forward direction, so side-to-side movements are important for injury prevention and correcting common muscle imbalances.

The first exercise are banded monster walks. You will need a light to medium-resistance band that needs to be placed just above your ankles. Try to do three sets of 15-25 monster walks in each direction, keeping your abdominals pulled in and avoiding too much of a knee bend, which will prevent you from performing the movement correctly (if done correctly you will definitely feel the burn in your hips!) Do this exercise one to two times per week for optimal results.

The second exercise is a weighted lunge with a twist, although you can do this one without any weight if you need to. Use a light to medium weight dumbbell (5 to 15 pounds). Remember to lunge toward the leg that is in front, keep your abdominals pulled in tight, and be careful not to allow your front knee to wobble in either direction. Do three sets of 10 reps per side, and do this exercise one to two times per week for optimal results.

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Mike Ricci

Mike Ricci is a Level III USAT Certified Coach and was honored as the USAT Coach of the Year. He is the founder and head coach of D3 Multisport. The three D’s, Desire, Determination and Discipline are the cornerstone for his coaching philosophies. The D3 coaches use evidence-based training science, technology and wisdom to guide athletes toward their multisport goals. D3 inspires others through their community of athletes who are great ambassadors of the sport.

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