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Power Analysis: Mathew Hayman’s Victory at Paris-Roubaix

BY AJ Johnson

Team ORICA GreenEDGE rider Mathew Hayman took the biggest win of his career winning Paris-Roubaix on Sunday. Hayman got in the early break of 16 riders to save energy and was well positioned when some of the sport's elite caught up. In the final kilometers, Hayman covered attacks, counter-attacked and was able to take the sprint to the line. See his power numbers from the day and learn what it takes to win Paris-Roubaix.

After 15 attempts, Australian rider Mathew Hayman of Team ORICA GreenEDGE took the victory at Paris-Roubaix. This strong rider has typically worked for others, but this year he seized the opportunity to take the biggest win of his career. View his power numbers and interact with his power file to see how strong his effort was and what it takes to win one of the biggest races in cycling.


View Hayman’s full SRM power file. 

  • Unfortunately, at 177km into the race Hayman’s speed sensor stopped functioning (likely due to the harsh nature of the course). This is why there is no speed or distance for the final hours.
  • Hayman was in the early break of 16 riders that formed about two hours into the race.
  • Over nearly 6 hours, Hayman averaged 313W, or 3.82W/kg. His Normalized Power® (NP®) was 351W, giving him a relatively low Variabiltiy Index® (VI®) of 1.12. This is a result of being in the early break and not having to fight for positioning.
  • With five riders in a select group, there were several attacks in the final kilometers, including two attacks within two minutes of each other. To cover the first move, Hayman had to put out 1198W, for the second he put out 1294W, or 15.5W/kg, his peak wattage for the day.
  • To cover the attack by Tom Boonen in the last 2k, Hayman put out a 10 second effort of 871W, or 10.6W/kg with a maximum wattage of 1227W.
  • Hayman then attacked over the top of Boonen, hitting a maximum wattage of 1145W and averaging 540W for 30 seconds. During this attack his average cadence was still 100rpm.
  • Only two minutes later, Hayman was in the velodrome sprinting for the win. Over 20 seconds, he averaged 884W, or 10.8W/kg and hit a peak of 1234W.
  • From his attack to the finish, Hayman averaged 430W, or 5.24W/kg. He also averaged 93rpm.
  • His final Training Stress Score® (TSS®) was 401, or the equivalent of four all-out 40K time trials back-to-back.

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