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Power Analysis: Andre Greipel’s Tour of Flanders

BY AJ Johnson

Team Lotto Soudal rider Andre Greipel is known for his amazingly fast sprint. However, he is also a strong classics rider and has animated the last two editions of the Tour of Flanders. Check out the amazing numbers this powerful rider put out over the 2016 Tour of Flanders held over 255 kilometers of punishing cobblestone roads.

Andre Greipel and his Lotto Soudal teammates took on the 100th edition of the Tour of Flanders last Sunday. Greipel was one of the main riders of the day, bridging up to the breakaway and then leading the race on to the famous Oude Kwaremont. See the power he had to produce to tackle this monument of a race.


View Greipel’s full SRM power file.

Over the first 155km, Greipel averaged 294 watts, or 3.54W/kg, and had a Normalized Power® (NP®) of 354W while averaging 41.5kph.

At the 155km mark Greipel jumps from the peloton with an and set off to catch the two leaders. His initial jump of 1248W is enough to get a gap to break from the peloton and go off in pursuit of the two men up the road.

During his pursuit of the leaders, Greipel sets his Peak 20 minute power of 391W while averaging 40.7kph.

Greipel ascends the Oude Kwaremont for the first time at the 197k mark. He sets his Peak 5 minute power on this ascent averaging 455W, or 5.48W/kg at 86rpm, peaking at 716W.

With the peloton quickly closing in, at the 207k mark, Greipel jumps from the group to lead everyone onto the famous Koppenberg. Climbing up the Koppenberg he averages 501W, or 6.03W/kg for 2:22 at 68 rpm.

On the second ascent of the Oude Kwaremont, Greipel still puts out 398W, or 4.80W/kg at 80rpm. Interestingly, his peak wattage is higher than his first ascent, hitting 876W.

From his break from the peloton to cresting the Oude Kwaremont for the second time, over 81km’s and 2:07, Greipel averaged 328W, or 3.95W/kg, 38.2KPH and 82rpm.

Going for the line, he hits his Peak 2, 5, 10, 12, 20 and 30 second values with a Peak 2 second power of 1613W, or 19.4w/kg!

For a final perspective of how hard this race was and how much effort Greipel put into it, his Intensity Factor® (IF®) was .89, meaning he rode at 89 percent of his 1 hour max for over 6 hours!

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