How To Sprint Like a Tour Rider

How To Sprint Like a Tour Rider

Spriters are a unique type of cyclist that must possess several different qualities. This slideshare explains the physical build of a sprinter, their physiology, and how they get their burst of speed.

Tour de France sprinters are a unique type of rider. Not only must they possess tremendous speed and be willing to take big risks, they must also have the endurance to climb the high mountains, complete every stage, and still have enough left to fight for the top placings. This slideshare offers insights into how these riders perform.

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Tim Cusick

Tim Cusick is the TrainingPeaks WKO4 Product Development Leader, specializing in data analytics and performance metrics for endurance athletes. In addition to his role with TrainingPeaks, Tim is a USAC coach with over 10 years experience working with both road and mountain bike professionals around the world. You can reach Tim for comments at To learn more about TrainingPeaks and WKO4 visit us at