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VIDEO: GTN Presents- How to Do a Post-Race Analysis

BY Susan Legacki

In the latest episode of Triathlon Training Explained, they discuss how to do a proper post-race analysis, and why doing them after both good and bad races is vital to performance success.

As part of the partnership between the Global Triathlon Network (GTN) and TrainingPeaks, we’ll be bringing you twice-monthly episodes of the new “Triathlon Training Explained” show, where hosts and former pro triathletes Mark Threlfall and Heather Fell answer your triathlon training questions with the help of TrainingPeaks software, coaches and industry experts from around the world.

Whether you had the race of your life, or one that you’d rather forget ever happened, taking some time to do a post-race analysis is key for continuing top performance or working toward reaching your racing goals.

In this episode of GTN’s Triathlon Training Explained they explain how to do a post-race analysis and why looking at variables within and outside of race day is important for understanding the entire picture of your performance.

Threlfall sits down with Coach Phil Mosley to do a post-race file analysis in TrainingPeaks of one of his own recent IRONMAN 70.3s, and go over what TrainingPeaks metrics to look at and why.

They also discuss why regular benchmark testing is vital to understanding what your race day expectations should be, and why comparing yourself purely to your peers can be very misleading and counterproductive.

See the full episode below:

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Susan Grant Legacki is the Content Director at TrainingPeaks. The founding editor of LAVA Magazine and a former editor at Triathlete Magazine and Inside Triathlon, Susan is an IRONMAN finisher, Boston Marathon qualifier, USAT Level 1 Triathlon Coach and certified Pilates instructor. When she’s not editing or writing copy about endurance sports, you can usually find her training for them around Boulder, Colo.