The Guide to Understanding & Coaching Athletes by HRV

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a powerful tool that has become increasingly popular in the world of endurance training. HRV measures the variation in time between successive heartbeats and reflects the balance between the sympathetic and parasympathetic branches of the autonomic nervous system.

By analyzing HRV data, athletes and coaches can gain valuable insights into the body’s response to training, stress and recovery. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of using HRV for endurance training, the ideal ways to measure HRV, and how to interpret the data to optimize training and achieve higher performance while preventing athletes from overreaching.

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The Coach’s Guide to HRV Monitoring

Learn the basics of HRV, how it’s measured and some insights that can be gleaned from the readings.


Best Practices for Taking HRV Readings

The value of HRV monitoring relies heavily on consistency. If your athletes focus on these practices, their HRV recordings will become much more accurate.


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Explaining HRV Numbers and Age — What’s Normal, Good and Bad?

HRV is a powerful tool to monitor the fitness and health of athletes. But what constitutes a good HRV score for a particular age? See how the numbers stack up.


What Factors Can Generate a Good (or Bad) HRV Score

In a perfect world, HRV scoring would be totally black and white, but that’s just not the reality. There are many variables that contribute to your score.


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Is HRV Training the Best Approach for Athletes?

More athletes are using heart rate variability to guide their training, but is it better than a predetermined plan? Here’s what to know about this hot topic.


HRV, Athlete Performance and the Menstrual Cycle

The hormonal changes that female athletes experience affect their mental as well as physical health. Learn how HRV monitoring can provide valuable insight.


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