A Coach’s Guide to Maximizing the TrainingPeaks App

Getting started with TrainingPeaks and your coaching business or both can feel overwhelming. Or maybe you’ve been using the apps for some time now and are looking for some Easter eggs or a better way to work.

To help, we compiled a collection of blog posts focused on the early stages of getting used to the apps, getting athletes onboarded and streamlining workflows into one resource. Time is money, and saving time working at the computer helps free up time for you to focus on your athletes and your own needs. While this is certainly not an exhaustive list of articles, each post includes additional links to more resources.

We are continually working to improve TrainingPeaks for coaches and athletes. If you have feedback about the app and use cases, enter your suggestions on this page. Our customer support team is a wealth of information and can usually solve most problems or answer your questions.

Coach Guide Maximizing App

Surviving to Thriving: Navigating Starting A Coaching Business

Starting a new business can be a daunting task but let’s break down the necessary steps to set your company up for success.


Time-Saving Tips for TrainingPeaks Coaches

Learn these valuable time-saving tips to maximize your impact on your athletes and take your TrainingPeaks coach account to another level.


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a woman coach sitting with a female athlete on a picnic bench reviewing data on TrainingPeaks

Time Management: Finding the Time to Run Your Coaching Business

Let’s smash three myths about time management first, and then, we can learn how to prioritize your workload and hone skills to work more effectively.


How to Introduce Your Athletes to TrainingPeaks

An outline to get your athletes set up in TrainingPeaks and ways to help them understand how to use the app for their training.


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a pro rider entering info on his phone after a ride

The Importance of Post-Workout Comments

Many athletes overlook the importance of post-activity comments. Here are reasons why they should not skip the process and some suggestions for what could be helpful.


Maximizing the Coach-Athlete Relationship Using TrainingPeaks

While there are many ways we can create productive relationships with our athletes, let’s focus specifically on the ways we can use the TrainingPeaks platform to strengthen our bond and build trust with athletes. 


a female coach talking to a male cyclist on the sidelines of a bike race about tactics
Trainingpeaks coach using features to build a coaching business and save time

8 TrainingPeaks Coaching Features That Save Time & Boost Business

These eight TrainingPeaks features are designed for coaches who want to improve the way they communicate, spend time, and run their business.


App Resources

The TrainingPeaks Help Center

Visit the Help Center for troubleshooting and resources for specific needs. If you can’t find your answer, submit a ticket to the Customer Service Team at the top of the page.


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What’s New with TrainingPeaks: Feature Updates

Learn more about new features, updates to existing features and new tools coming to the TrainingPeaks web and mobile apps.


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