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What’s New with TrainingPeaks: Feature Updates

Stay up to date with the most recent features that have been added to the TrainingPeaks ecosystem of products.

Below are the latest features and updates that we have made to TrainingPeaks products. If you have a feature you would like to suggest, send us your feedback.

March 2023

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Last 90-Day Peak Performances/StackUp

A new last 90-day time range was added for Peak Performances and Stackup, which allows athletes and coaches to see how they’re progressing within a training cycle. Of Note:

  • In the workout summary, if a performance is a Peak for multiple time frames, we still only choose one to show the user. We choose whichever is the longer time frame.
  • This will not populate in the UI for workouts in the past. Users will start receiving them on future workouts. Peak Performances and StackUp will have accurate data for this trailing 90-day window.

January 2023

Weather No Longer in Beta

  • Weather settings now persist (not reset if you log out of your TrainingPeaks account).
  • Temperature setting for both coach/athlete.
  • Wind speed setting for both coach/athlete.

For more information on Weather, please see this help article.

New StackUp Data Channels

TrainingPeaks StackUp now compares cycling power by raw watts (to add to w/kg) and running by pace and distance.

December 2022

Recurring Workouts

Recurring workout functionality allows TrainingPeaks Coaches and Premium athletes to quickly schedule workouts that repeat, saving time.

For more information on this feature, please see this article.



StackUp is now live on the TrainingPeaks mobile app. TrainingPeaks StackUp allows TrainingPeaks Premium athletes to compare their Peak Performances with other TrainingPeaks Premium athletes using filters like Gender, Age, Time Ranges, and Time Split.

For more information on StackUp, please see this article.

Default run TSS

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Default run TSS is LIVE. Set it and forget it.

  • Switch TSS in the Quickview.
  • The Pop-up will ask to set rTSS as the default.
  • Choose “Yes.”
  • Any future uploaded run workout will default to that selected TSS calc.

November 2022

Group Notifications

Notifications in TrainingPeaks Coach accounts are now grouped by the athlete. 

  • Click an athlete to expand all notifications from the athlete.
  • When going through notifications, the notification window stays open. 
  • Helps coaches streamline their workflow. 

BETA: Weather in TrainingPeaks Calendar

Our beta weather feature shows local weather in premium athletes’ web calendars for the coming week.

Learn more and share feedback

a graphic representation of what the weather beta in TrainingPeaks apps

For more on Weather (beta) and how to enable it, see this article.

October 2022

UI Updated for:

  • Quick View
  • Analyze View
  • Metric View

September 2022

Structured Swim Workout Export

TrainingPeaks now supports the export of structured swimming workouts to devices. For more on building structured swim features, we put together a help article.


Limited Availablity

Introduced Limited Availability scheduling option. Limited Availability allows TrainingPeaks Premium athletes to specify when they can only do certain types of workouts. Check out this help article for more information on using this feature.

August 2022

Structured Workout Builder Updates

The Structured Workout Builder now boasts zoom and pan functionality which solves for copying and pasting those relatively short intervals.

Context Menu Update

All the context menus in TP web have been updated to provide consistent UX.

Garmin Daily Health Metrics

A selection of Garmin Daily Health metrics can now be synced to TrainingPeaks.

  • Body Battery (the high and low value for each day)
  • Stress (the daily average)
  • Sleep (Sleep hours, Time in Deep Sleep, Time in Light Sleep, Time in REM Sleep, and Total Time Awake)
  • If you have already enabled the Garmin Connect sync for body composition metrics, the new Daily Health metrics will begin to sync automatically.
  • If you haven’t enabled any Garmin Daily Health metrics, you can do so here.
  • You can see how to add the new metrics to your calendar view here.

July 2022

Structured Workout Builder Updates

TP web app release to make it easier to add/remove steps within the workout builder

Structured Workout Builder By Zones

Structured workouts can now be built using zones.

March 2022

Notes can now be copied from:

  • Training plan to training plan
  • Athlete calendar to a training plan
  • Training plan to an athlete calendar

Athlete Management Tab

We moved the manage athletes page into a view within the TrainingPeaks Coach Edition.

January 2022

Released the return of the gear icon on the athlete selection menu on calendar navigation for coaches to quickly access athlete settings.

November 2021

Released New Athlete Library and Athlete Details for TrainingPeaks Coach accounts.

Athlete Details

  • New UI
  • New folder menu options
  • Click to load athlete

Athlete Details

  • New in library slider UI
  • Athlete Zones
  • Athlete Events
  • Coach Journal

October 2021

Released new UI features: the Toggles and Kabobs

  • The summary can now be toggled opened and closed to provide more calendar real estate .
  • A new week kabob menu has been added to every week for easier access to all of your favorite week options.

Released new calendar navigation

  • New layout, cool icons and overall user experience improvements.
  • These changes apply to all the calendars within the app.

August 2021

  • Released the new web app notifications redesign.
  • iOS released (version 10.3.1). Changes included are:
    • HealthKit / Workout upload improvements around Apple Watches
    • Deprecation of iOS 12 (The new minimum version for the app is iOS 13)
    • Some Bug/Crash fixes
  • Released the shiny new redesigned web app header this morning.
    • Moving towards blue-grey color palette
    • Updated logo and icons
    • Better responsive spacing
    • New dynamic modal design and behavior for settings and notifications

July 2021

  • Released ability to add attachments to Notes.

June 2021

Hyperlinks in TrainingPeaks Notes
  • Released links in notes for library, athlete and training plan calendar notes. Users can type or paste any link (or something that looks like a link) within the description box, and after hitting the space bar or clicking outside of the box the links would be automagically converted

May 2021

  • Added the ability to add notes to workout library folders.

April 2021

  • Athlete Availability is released to all users on TrainingPeaks web and mobile. Documentation here.
  • Users are now able to right-click on calendar cards, daily columns, and weekly summaries to see more menu options. You can also use CTRL + Click if you don’t have a mouse.
  • Notes text description character limit increased from 1,500 to 8,000 to give coaches and athletes more flexibility in how they communicate with one another.

March 2021

  • Athlete Availability feature released on TrainingPeaks Web and Mobile App to Beta group.
  • Added 3 new zone calculators: MyProCoach Running Power, Stryd Running Power, and MyProCoach Maximum Heart Rate.
  • New Structured Workout Builder running workout export added. Athletes can now export a structured running workout by duration (time) and % of pace from TrainingPeaks to Zwift.  You can learn how to export Structured Workouts from TrainingPeaks to Zwift here.

February 2021

  • Goals full-screen modal added.
  • Hidden workouts (as hidden by a TrainingPeaks coach) planned values no longer appear in a TrainingPeaks athlete’s weekly summary.

January 2021

  • Released TrainingPeaks for IOS 10.1.2, which fixed an issue with push notifications not being received after a user turned them on.
  • Updated the design of the Header / Nav Bar on the web app with the intent to create more space on the screen for Coaches to see more on the calendar and create less clutter within their workspace.
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