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The Best of 2017: Our Top 5 Nutrition Articles

From how to lose weight during base training to understanding the nuances of hydration during various lengths of activity, here are our top-five nutrition articles from 2017.

Is there a greater nutritional minefield than the holidays? We think not. If you’re searching for your plan of attack for how to slim down in the New Year, or just some advice for how to plan your nutrition better for your next race, our top articles have all the info you need to get that scale moving in the right direction. Now, put that cookie down slowly and walk away …

1. Your 14-step Guide to Weight Loss During Base Training by Lynda Wallenfels

If the only thing holding you back from that PR is a few lbs, then follow this 14-step guide for losing weight safely, even as your mileage begins to tick up during base training.

2. Why Carbohydrate is the King for Endurance Performance by Ted Munson, MSc

Proper nutrition is often the missing piece of a successful performance. While there are numerous theories on the subject, here is a definitive guide to understanding how carbohydrates fuel our bodies.

3. Are You Eating Enough? By Lindsay Zemba Leigh

While leaning up before a race can lead to faster results, there is a fine balance between race weight and taking in too few calories to see optimal performance. Here’s how to identify whether or not your everyday fueling practices are giving you the energy you need to stay energized, maintain muscle and prevent a slower metabolism.

4. The Peter Attia Approach to Dieting for Endurance Athletes by Paul Laursen

Many endurance athletes have found success with a lower carbohydrate diet that puts an emphasis on fat oxidation. Here’s the first in our two-part series on the subject that outlines whether or not this diet might be beneficial for you, and if so where to begin.

5. What Your Body Actually Needs During Different Types of Endurance Exercise by Andy Blow

Are you clear on how to hydrate and fuel during a 10K, but don’t know where to start when it comes to a 70.3? Here’s our simple guide to understanding how to plan your hydration and fueling needs, based on the length of activity.

Need more tips and workouts to fuel your 2018 racing and training goals? Check out the rest of our year-in-review series, including our top-five articles about cycling, multisport, running and strength training, and learn more about how TrainingPeaks can help you reach your goals.  

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