Start Preparing to Reach Your Goals

Start Preparing to Reach Your Goals

The time is now to starting acting on your dreams for 2015. Choose your sport and distance, and we will provide you with the resources to be successful. 

It’s time to prepare for the 2016 season and we want to get you started off right. We have the tools and resources you need to achieve your goals. Plan out your season, track your workouts, and analyze data to stay on track for success. Start by choosing your sport and distance from the chart below, then choose your strategy. Your journey starts with a simple question, What are you training for?

Triathlon Cycling Running
Triathlon Dreaming Season Triathlon Dreaming Season Triathlon Dreaming Season
IRONMAN Road Race Full Marathon
IRONMAN 70.3 Mountain Bike Half Marathon
Olympic Century 10K
Sprint Criterium 5K


For more expert instruction, browse our Training Plans Store. With over 5,000 plans written by expert coaches covering a range of sports, events, and abilities, the right plan gives you the focus needed to reach your goals. 

To receive the most detailed instruction and immediate feedback, hire a coach. Our Coach Match Service pairs you up a TrainingPeaks Certified coach who will guide your training journey. 

Taking a few simple steps today will help you prepare and train to reach your goals.

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