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Power Analysis: Anna-Leeza Hull’s Junior Women’s World Time Trial

Australian Anna-Leeza Hull claimed the Bronze medal in the Junior Women's Time Trial in Richmond, Virginia. We reviewed her power file to show the type of power a world class junior cyclist can generate.

Australian Anna-Leeza Hull covered the 15km (9.3miles) course through Richmond, VA. in 21:44, giving her another Bronze medal to match the one she took home last year in Ponferrada, Spain. Her coach, former professional cyclist and Tour de France Prologue winner Brad McGee, commented that Hull has very good torque power, so she struggles with the junior restricted gears. However, she loves to climb, so the second half of the course was where she made up time. View her power, heart rate, and other data that lead to her performance.


See Hull’s full power file. 

  • Hull’s average heart rate was 191bpm while averaging 268 watts.
  • Restricted to junior gears, Hull turned over a 91rpm average over the 15km course, hitting a peak of 130rpm.
  • Her average speed was 41.4km/h (25.6mph) with a top speed of 61.2km/h (37.9mph).
  • Her Variability Index® (VI®) was 1.02, showing that she paced the 15km race very evenly.
  • Hull’s left/right power balance was perfectly even at 50/50.
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