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Power Analysis: 2015 USA Pro Challenge

Over seven stages, the 2015 USA Pro Challenge will push riders to their limits. We take a look at the power from top riders to see just what is needed to conquer this demanding race.

Stage 1 Steamboat Springs Circuit 99 Miles

Jordan Kerby (Team Drapac)


View Kerby’s full power file. 

  • Kerby put in a big effort on this stage getting in the early break. His Normalized Power® was 301 watts for the stage.
  • During the roughly 65 miles while in the break, Kerby averaged 24.8mph at 84rpm.
  • After being caught, Kerby recovered and managed a top 20 finish in the bunch sprint putting out his Peak 2, 5, and 10 second efforts hitting 1098 watts at his maximum.

Stage 2 Steamboat Springs – Arapahoe Basin 115 Miles

David Lozano (Team Novo Nordisk)


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  • During the climb out of Steamboat Springs on Rabbit Ears Pass, Lozano averaged 254 watts, or 3.91 watts/kg.
  • For the nearly 5 hour stage, Lozano had a Normalized Power® of 210 watts.
  • Lozano burned 2991 calories and average 87rpm on the stage.

Stage 3 Copper Mountain – Aspen 101 Miles

Time Roe (Team Drapac)


View Roe’s full power file. 

  • Altitude effects a rider’s power by approximately 1% for every 1,000 ft. Starting at just over 9,000 ft. and hitting a maximium altitude of 12,095 ft., during the climb up Indepence Pass, Roe lost approximately 10% of his power due to extreme altitude.
  • Still, Roe averaged 273 watts, or 4.3Watt/kg during the climb.
  • Before staring up Indepence Pass, Roe averaged 205 watts for over two and a half hours and averaged 26mph with a top speed of 56mph while in the breakaway.

Stage 4 Aspen – Breckenridge 126 Miles

Lachlan Norris (Team Drapac)


View Norris’ full power file.

  • The stage started with a nearly one hour climp up Independence Pass where Norris averaged 297 watts, or 4.35 w/kg.
  • After 5 hours of racing, Norris climbed up Hoosier Pass, averaging 277 watts, or 3.88 w/kg, and an average cadence of 78rpm for almost 18 minutes.
  • Norris made a big effort on the final short climb up Boreas Pass Rd. For just under 6 minutes he averaged 370 watts, or 5.43 w/kg and managed a 12th place on the stage.

Stage 5 Breckenride Time Trial 8.5 Miles

Lachlan Norris (Team Drapac)


View Norris’ full power file.

  • Norris averaged 331 watts, or 4.85 w/kg. for just under 20 minutes, placing him 8th on the stage.
  • Not surprisingly, Norris’ Peak 5 Minute Power came on the climb up Moonstone Rd. where he average 371 watts, or 5.45w/kg.
  • Norris’ Peak Speed and Cadence were both set on the descent. He reached 51mph at 130rpm.

Stage 6 Loveland – Fort Collins 102 Miles

Dylan Girdelstone (Team Drapac)


View Girdelstone’s full power file. 

  • To get in the breakaway, Girdelstone hit his Peak 10 Second Power of 982 watts. Then just 10 minutes later he had to put out his Peak 2 Second Power of 1167 watts.
  • Girdelstone spent 2:45 riding in the break. Over that time, he averaged 276 watts, or 4.25w/kg.
  • In the final 5:30 of the race, Girdelstone put out 317 watts and averaged 32mph. He hit a peak wattage of 1023 watts and peak speed of 38mph on his way to a 4th place finish.

Stage 7 Golden – Denver 68 Miles

Jordan Kerby (Team Drapac)


View Kerby’s full power file. 

  • On the 25 minute climb up Lookout Mountain, Kerby average 372 watts, or 5.13w/kg.
  • Not surprisingly, Kerby’s Peak 1 Minute Power 518 watts at a cadence of 98rpm comes at the end of the stage.
  • In the final sprint, Kerby put out his Peak 5 Second Power of 961 watts and hits a max of 1053 watts on his way to a 9th place finish on the stage.
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