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Power Analysis: 2015 Tour de France Week 3

The Tour de France pushes riders to their limits for three weeks. From fast flat stages to punishing mountain top finishes, no stage allows the riders to relax. We take a look at some of the power numbers produced by riders to show just what it takes to ride in the Tour de France.

Stage 17 Digne-les-Baines – Pra Loup 161km

Luke Rowe (Team Sky)

  • Rowe’s Peak 1 Hour Power came in the very first hour of racing when he averaged 280 watts.
  • His Peak 30 Minute Power came on the third climb of the day and he pushed 316 watts, or 4.30w/kg.
  • Over the full stage, Rowe averaged 247 watts and 34.7km/h.

Stage 18 Gap – Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne 187km

Luke Durbridge (Team Orica GreenEDGE)

View Durbridge’s full SRM power data

  • Another fast start, Durbridge set his Peak 20 Minute Power of 407 watts, or 5.29w/kg, less than 10km into the stage.
  • Over his Peak 1 Hour Power of 326 watts, Durbridge averaged 76rpm.
  • Durbridged burned 5535 calories during the stage.

Stage 19 Saint-Jean-de-Maurienne – La Toussuire – Les Sybelles 138km

Luke Rowe (Team Sky)

View Rowe’s full Stages power file.

  • Rowe’s Peak 30 Minute Power came from the very start of the stage while riding up the first climb of the day. He averaged 370 watts, or 5.03w/kg and 21.5km/h.
  • His Peak 1 Hour Power came on his ascent of the Col de la Croix de Fer with an average of 317 watts, or 4.31w/kg. with an average cadence of 75rpm.
  • Rowe’s average power over the full stage was 273 watts and he burned 4670 calories.

Stage 20 Modane Valfrejus  – Alpe d’ Huez 110km

Luke Durbridge (Team Orica GreenEDGE)

View Durbridge’s full SRM power file.

  • Climbing the Hors Category Col de la Croix de Fer, Durbridge averaged 345 watts, or 4.49w/kg for 1:05 and averaged 75rpm.
  • Ascending the vaunted Alpe D’ Huez, Durbridge averaged 314 watts, or 4.08w/kg at an average speed of 14.3km/h.
  • Over the entire stage Durbridge averaged 264 watts and burned 3742 calories.

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