Power Analysis: 2015 Tour de France Week 2

Power Analysis: 2015 Tour de France Week 2

The Tour de France pushes riders to their limits for three weeks. From fast flat stages to punishing mountain top finishes, no stage allows the riders to relax. We take a look at some of the power numbers produced by riders to show just what it takes to ride in the Tour de France.

Stage 10 Tarbes – La Pierre-Saint-Martin 167km

Luke Durbridge (Team Orica GreenEDGE)

View Durbridge’s full SRM power file.

  • Over the full 170km stage, Durbridge burned 3803 calories and averaged 219 watts.
  • This stage started very fast. Durbridge set his Peak 5, 6, 10, adn 12 minute power values all in the first 15km.
  • During the final Hors Category climb, Durbridge averaged 270 watts at an average cadence of 69rpm.

Stage 11 Pau – Cauterets-Vallee de Saint-Savin 188km

Luke Durbridge (Team Orica GreenEDGE)

View Durbridge’s full SRM power file. 

  • Climbing the Hors Category Col du Tourmalet, Durbridge climbed for 70 minutes averaging 270 watts, or 3.51w/kg.
  • His effort up the Tourmalet came after riding for 3:40 at an average of 250 watts and 37.3km/h.
  • During the stage, Durbridge burned 5029 calories.

Stage 12 Lannemezan – Plateau de Beille 195km

Luke Rowe (Team Sky)

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  • Rowe averaged over 300 watts for each of the first three categorized climbs of the day. The highest being 313 watts, or 4.16w/kg, for 43 minutes while ascending the Col de la Core.
  • During the final ascent on the Plateau de Beille, Rowe put out 277 watts, or 3.77w/kg, for over an hour while averaging 14.3km/h.
  • Riding for over 6 hours, Rowe burned 5397 calories while average 239 watts.

Stage 13 Muret – Rodez 199km

Luke Rowe (Team Sky)

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  • Rowe set his Peak 10 Minute Power of 339 watts on the Category 2 climb of the Cote de Saint-Cirgue.
  • The Cote de Saint-Cirgue is also where Rowe’s Peak 1 Hour Power began, and he put out 254 watt, or 3.46w/kg.
  • Over the full stage, Rowe averaged 222 watts and 40.3km/h.

Stage 14 Rodez – Mende 177km

Luke Durbridge (Team Orica GreenEDGE)

View Durbridge’s full SRM power file.

  • This stage started fast and Durbridge’s Peak 20 Minute Power started less than 10km into the stage. He averaged 366 watts and 38.4km/h.
  • Up the Category 2 climb of the Cote de Sauveterre, Durbridge’s average cadence was 80rpm, and he put out 349 watts for 25 minutes.
  • Over the 184km stage Durbridge’s Normalized Power® was 299 watts.

Stage 15 Mende – Valence 183km

Luke Durbridge (Team Orica GreenEDGE)

View Durbridge’s full SRM power file.

  • After just 10km of racing, Durbridge started pushing and set his Peak 1 Hour Power of 307 watts, or 3.99w/kg.
  • On the climb up the Col de l’Escrinet, Durbridge set his Peak 20 Minute Power of 374 watts and averaged 79 rpm and 24km/h.
  • In the final 40km of racing, Durbridge held 47.5km/h and had a Normalized Power® of 288 watts.

Stage 16 Bourg de Peage – Gap 200km

Luke Rowe (Team Sky)

View Rowe’s full Stages power file.

  • All of Rowe’s peak power values came at the start of the stage.
  • His Peak 1 Hour Power was 271 watts and he averaged 48.2km/h.
  • Over five hours, Rowe averaged 238 watts and burned 4229 calories.


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