Moving Up From the 10k to Half Marathon

Moving Up From the 10k to Half Marathon

After a successful 10k, one runner wants to know if he can start Hal’s 12 week Novice 1 program at the six week mark and still be ready for a Half marathon.

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I am a novice runner having just finished a 10-K race. My next challenge is a half marathon, but I only have six weeks to prepare for it. Most of your half marathon training plans are catered around 12 weeks of training. Can I customize your Novice 1 Half program and start six weeks in, or is there better way to train? Thank you from India.


Speaking for the many running gurus, most of us would be shocked that someone would try to shortcut one of our training programs. However, you just completed a 10-K, and I assume it went reasonably well, otherwise you would not be contemplating a move to a race twice that distance.

Looking at my 12-week Novice 1 Half program, it offers a 5-K race in Week 6 with the long run in Week 7 designated at 7 miles, so it appears that you already halfway there. I anticipate no problems making the quick switch from 10-K training to half marathon training.

Speaking again for my fellow running gurus, we like runners to arrive at the starting line of races (at any distance) as perfectly prepared as possible. That guarantees that those same runners will arrive at the finish line with smiles on their faces, allowing us to share in their success. Is 6 weeks of training sufficient for half marathon success versus the 12 weeks suggested in my programs and the programs of my coaching peers? In your specific case, I suspect it may be. Good luck!