GTN Presents: Splitting Your Triathlon Training Week

GTN Presents: Splitting Your Triathlon Training Week

In the latest episode of Global Triathlon Network’s Triathlon Training Explained, former pro triathletes discuss how to split up swimming, bike and running workouts throughout the week to meet your performance goals, even as an age-group athlete.

As part of the partnership between the Global Triathlon Network (GTN) and TrainingPeaks, we’ll be bringing you twice-monthly episodes of the new “Triathlon Training Explained” show, where hosts and former pro triathletes Mark Threlfall and Heather Fell answer your triathlon training questions with the help of TrainingPeaks software, coaches and industry experts from around the world.

Time management is hard for all endurance athletes—pros and amateurs alike—however the obstacles faced by age group athletes are compounded by the challenges of finding and effective work/life/training balance.

In the latest episode of GTN’s Triathlon Training Explained, Fell and Threlfall talk to expert coaches about how they split training throughout the week for elite athletes. Fell and Threlfall give their own recommendations for balanced swim, bike and run training, and discuss how their training loads have changed since they transitioned from professional to amateur racing.  They’ll also give some options for athletes who need to focus on one sport in order to make real performance gains come race day.

Check out the full episode below:

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