CoachCast Tim Cusick

CoachCast: Data Overload with Tim Cusick


WKO Product Lead Tim Cusick explains how he thinks coaches should approach the relationship between data and coaching.

Building Your Coaching Business

How to Build Your Coaching Business in the Off Season


Don't fall into an off-season slump. Instead, use these tips from Coach Simon Kessler to build your coaching business.

CoachCast: Coaching Conviction with Ben Day


In this episode of the TrainingPeaks CoachCast, Dave Schell sits down with Coach Ben Day to discuss how his experience as a professional cyclist has influenced the way he now leads other athletes.

Where to Start with Triathlon Strength Training


Are you an athlete or coach interested in getting started with weight training? Coach Menachem Brodie discusses one area you may want to consider before building your plan.

Pool Running

Should You Include Pool Running in Your Training Plans?


After an athlete suffered an early-season injury, Coach Hal Higdon prescribed pool running to get her through the season. Based on his extensive experience, pool running helps athletes recover and avoid injuries.

CoachCast: Kona Race Day with Lance Watson


First, Dave discusses updated race conditions with Ryan Cooper. Then, Lance Watson joins the discussion to share lessons from his 30+ years of experience coaching triathletes to Kona.

Coaching Race Weight

Coaching “Race Weight” Intelligently: A Case Study


Considering athlete weight in relation to performance is important when planning and executing training. But, where is the line between an increase in performance and encouraging an athlete to adopt unhealthy behaviors?

CoachCast: Kona Preparation with Simon Ward


The IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii is right around the corner, and athletes across the world are busy preparing. The CoachCast takes a closer look at the weather conditions expected at this year's race and discusses preparing for the challenge with Coach Simon Ward.

TrainingPeaks Certified

Why Should You Become TrainingPeaks Certified?


Are you ready to take your coaching business to the next level? Becoming TrainingPeaks certified might be your path to getting the exposure and credibility you've been looking for.

CoachCast: Coaching Advice with Joe Friel


Joe Friel knows that you always get more than you give Joe Friel has always given back to the endurance sports community he loves, but it was only when he faced an illness that left him on a training hiatus that he sat down to write the first of his many books. Since then, Joe […]

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