Post-Race Doldrums

What Coaches Should Do To Prevent Athlete Post-Race Doldrums


We've all felt somewhat lost after finishing a major race that we've worked hard to prepare for. Dr. John Post explains how he pushes back against those post-race doldrums.

TrainingPeaks Announces Subjective Feedback Feature


No matter how data-driven you or your coach may be, subjective feedback can place your quantitative data in context and help guide future training.

Meerkats and Moles

Meerkats & Moles: How to Become an Expert Coach


There are countless methods and strategies endurance sport coaches use to push their athletes, but that doesn't mean they are created equal. Expert Coach Andy Kirkland explains how he approaches coaching, new information, and expertise.

Bike Fit

A Coaching Approach to Bike Fit


Every coach wants their athlete to perform better. With positional coaching, you have an opportunity to help evolve cycling position and optimize riding performance in the pursuit of the “Holy Grail” of riding faster while expending less energy.

Running Mechanics

Could Running Mechanics be the Key to Long-Term Success?


Are your athletes having trouble finishing their training plans due to overuse injuries? Poor running mechanics might be to blame. Use these strategies to identify and correct running form to ultimately improve performance.

Transitioning to New Sport

How to Coach an Athlete Transitioning to a New Sport


Transitioning to a new sport can be challenging for athletes and coaches alike, but coaches can set their athletes up for success by leaning on existing skills and asking the right questions.

What is Google Ads? A Guide for Endurance Coaches


Interested in marketing to new audiences, but don't know where to start? Google Adwords might be the perfect fit for your coaching business.

Youth Athletes

How to Modify Coaching Style When Working With Youth Athletes


Wondering how to most effectively coach your youth endurance athletes? Use these tips to take your coaching style to the next level and connect with your athletes on a whole new level.

Better Sleep

How to Coach Older Athletes to Get Better Sleep


Sleep and recovery are important aspects of training for any athlete, but even more so as we age. Learn more about techniques you can share with your athletes that will help them get to bed on time and sleep better.

coaches who need coaches

TrainingPeaks Success Story: When A Coach Needs a Coach


Even knowing the importance of structure, these two coaches know how difficult it can be to make objective decisions about their own training and racing—not least because such decisions are often emotional as well as physical. Here's why these coaches hire coaches, and how they help each other succeed as athletes.

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