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Best of the Best Part 1: The Top Multisport Articles of 2016

As 2016 draws to a close, we look back at our best multisport articles throughout the year in part one of our year-in-review series.

If you were too busy swimming, biking and running in 2016 to check out our blog regularly (we forgive you), now’s your chance to get caught up as you plan your 2017 racing season. From how to perfectly mix intensities in your periodization plan to an in-depth look at 2016 IRONMAN world champion Jan Frodeno’s training for Kona, here’s a rundown of some of our best multisport articles from 2016.

1. Periodization and Mixed Training by Joe Friel

Adding in regular high-intensity intervals and mixed training to your periodized training plan is an effective way to maintain fitness over time and gain valuable adaptation of your often overlooked peripheral muscular power heading into racing season.  

2. Does It Matter If Your Threshold Heart Rate is High or Low? by Mike Shultz

We’ve all heard of professional athletes who can sustain incredibly high heart rates while racing—but what does a high or low heart rate threshold really mean and what can this often misunderstood metric tell us about our fitness?

3. Jan Frodeno’s Preparation for the 2016 IRONMAN World Championship by AJ Johnson

With an Olympic gold medal, an IRONMAN 70.3 world championship title and now two IRONMAN world titles to his name, it’s clear Germany’s Jan Frodeno has his training program and goal-setting pretty dialed in. Here’s an overview of how he and his coach Dan Lorang prepared for his defense of his IRONMAN world title while balancing his other 2016 performances.  

4. The Best Recovery Practices for Endurance Athletes by Lynda Wallenfels

Proper recovery is the missing link for many multisport athletes looking for big fitness gains and PR’s. This article’s tips on better sleep, optimal nutrition and daily habits post-workout form your ultimate recovery primer.

5. How to Use Aerobic Decoupling By Kyle Wolf

While much attention is paid to Functional Threshold Power (FTP), the ratio of power to heart rate—known as aerobic decoupling—is a valuable resource for your running and cycling training. This article outlines how to measure it and what it can tell you about your current fitness level.

6. 4 Long Course Training Mistakes Triathletes Should Avoid by Lance Watson

No matter how long you have been doing triathlons, you’ve likely made at least one of these mistakes during your racing career. Take a look at these four bad habits and make a note to avoid them at all costs in 2017.

7. Using the 80/20 Rule to Balance Triathlon Training Intensity by Matt Fitzgerald

It’s a common conundrum in the triathlon world: How much of my training should I devote to high-intensity work in order to achieve the maximum fitness possible? A good rule of thumb is to do 80 percent of your training at a low intensity, leaving the other 20 percent for high-intensity work. Here’s a look at how the professionals use this 80/20 rule successfully, and how you can incorporate it into your training program.

8. How Lionel Sanders Broke the IRONMAN World Record by Ryan Cooper

When Lionel Sanders broke the IRONMAN world record at IRONMAN Arizona in a stunning time of 7:44:29, he relied on a smart racing plan and some serious mental resolve. Here’s how one of the most perfectly executed IRONMAN racing performances in history went down.

9. The Dangers of Exercise Addiction by Abby Ruby

Endurance athletes, by their nature, like to test their limits. But there’s a fine line between hard training, overtraining and a full-blown exercise addiction. Here are some warning signs and some of the pitfalls of making endurance training the center of your emotional universe.

10. 5 Ways for Beginner Triathletes to Get Faster by Allie Burdick

If you were new to triathlon in 2016 and next year you’re looking for some extra speed and a more consistent training plan—you’ve come to the right place. This article has all you need to improve your swimming, cycling and running in the new year.

Still looking for more wit and wisdom to fuel your 2017 training? Check back each day this week for the rest of our 2016 year-in-review series with our top-10 articles about cycling, running, strength and nutrition.

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