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Announcing the New Home View for Coaches

BY Dave Schell

The new Home view for coaches allows you to easily see all of your athlete’s data in one place—making planning, tracking and communicating with your athletes easier than ever.

You are a busy coach who needs to work as efficiently as possible—each extra click is time lost. By providing you with an easy way to monitor and communicate with your athletes, we can help you spend less time clicking and more time doing what you love: helping your athletes achieve their dreams. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce your new Home view, the place for busy coaches to review their athletes and quickly determine, “Who needs my attention?”

What is Home View?


With all you have on your plate day-to-day, from planning for athletes, analyzing their data, or even just your general communication with them … sometimes things slip through the cracks.

Compliance at a Glance


Quickly see which of your athletes have completed their workouts successfully and which athletes have or haven’t uploaded data (or if the data was off target) based on the colored compliance dots. You can also get an idea of who needs workouts planned in the upcoming days by viewing the light grey dots (darker grey means there is a workout planned).


To dive deeper into an individual athlete’s status, simply click their name to expand details, including their next event, their upcoming goals, and their current fitness, fatigue and form. To access an athlete’s workout calendar, simply click on the calendar icon at the top right.

In this expanded view, there is also a place for your private athlete notes (visible only to you). For example, if you need to note an athlete’s travel status or if a particular workout calls attention to the need for more work in a certain area, you now have a simple way to record this for future reference.


Trainingpeaks Alerts
Trainingpeaks Alerts

To help your athletes achieve their goals, you need to know how they are handling their training load and whether or not they are improving. In the new Home view, you can receive alerts when an athlete records a negative metric or sets a new threshold. Clicking on the alert will launch the appropriate action, such as applying the new threshold or viewing when the metric was logged.

Activity Feed


View the recent activity for a group of athletes or a selected athlete. Then, use the icons at the top right of the activity feed to filter by uploaded and/or changed workouts, logged metrics, or recent comments.

Less time clicking, more time coaching

In conclusion, with the new Home view, it is easier than ever to keep track of all of your athletes in the most efficient way possible. You can easily see who needs your attention, how your athletes are progressing—and which athlete just reached a new milestone on the way to their next event. With Home View, you now have more time to do what you love—help athletes reach their goals.

Try the coach home now!

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About Dave Schell

Dave Schell is the Director of Education at TrainingPeaks University. He coaches triathletes and cyclists of all levels from beginner to pro to achieve their highest potential. When Dave isn’t traveling the world teaching others how to better use TrainingPeaks, he’s trying hard not to fall off of his mountain bike.

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