Is 6 Weeks Of Marathon Training Enough?


I ran the Honolulu Marathon on Dec 5 and loved it. Did all of my training using your Novice 2 Marathon Training Plan. Unfortunately, I only have run about once a week since then. I just realized that the Los Angeles Marathon is coming up in a little less than six weeks. I feel like I’m in pretty good shape still, and I ran a half marathon a week ago with no problems. Still, I’m wondering if attempting another 26.2 without going through an 18-week training plan is a bad idea? What are your thoughts? Can I start training on Week 12 of Novice 2 again?


The problem is not that there are only six weeks to go to LA. The problem is more that apparently you cut way back on your training after Lulu and ran only once each week. It is possible for an untrained runner to fake his way through a half marathon, but a full marathon? Ahem! Cough! Uhhh? #TryingNotToSoundNegative. Starting at Week 12 not only drops you into the middle of some tough training, but you only have three weeks of that training before the taper begins. Not a great recipe for success. If you already have paid your money for LA, you could slog through the 26.2 miles. If not yet entered, there are probably some marathons in May or June that would serve as better choices.

Hal Higdon

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