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2014 USA Pro Challenge Power Analysis

The 2014 USA Pro Challenge takes riders across the state of Colorado over seven amazing stages. Featuring high altitude, big climbs and fast racing, it is one of the top races on the calendar. Take a look at the power these top athletes produce during this tough week of racing.

Stage 1 –  Aspen Circuit Race – 61 Miles Michael Rogers (Team Tinkoff Saxo)


View Rogers’ full file here.

  • The first stage was short, only 61 miles, but it wasn’t easy. Rogers put out a Normalized Power® of 285 watts for nearly three and a half hours.
  • At over 6,500 ft. of altitude to start, the altitude will supress both heart rate and power output. We see that Rogers average heart rate was only 149 for this stage.
  • Like we saw during the Tour de France, Rogers prefers a bit lower of a cadence, averaging 82 rpm.

Stage 2 – Aspen to Crested Butte – 105 miles

Jonathan Cantwell (Team Drapac)


View Cantwell’s full file here. 

  • Cantwell went hard from the start. All of his peak power outputs under two minutes were set in the first 30 minutes.
  • Not surprisingly, his peak one hour power of 253 watts, or 3.73w/kg. occurred during the climb up McClure Pass.
  • Cantwell burned 3344 calories during the four and a half hour stage.

Stage 3 – Gunnison to Monarch Mountain – 96 miles

Jonathan Cantwell (Team Drapac)


View Cantwell’s full file here. 

  • As expected, Cantwell set his peak one hour power up the massive climb up Monarch Pass. Cantwell put out 262 watts, or 3.86w/kg for the 1 hour climb up to 11,300 ft.
  • During the wet and muddy descent off of Monarch Pass Cantwell hit his top speed of 92kph (57mph).
  • Over the stage, Cantwell burned 3149 calories.

Stage 4 – Colorado Springs – 70 miles

Jonathan Cantwell (Team Drapac)


View Cantwell’s full file here. 

  • Cantwell’s peak 20 minute power of 276 watts, 4.07w/kg. was set on the final circuit and after almost two hours of racing.
  • Over the final minute of the race, Cantwell had to produce 409 watts, or 6.03w/kg to be in the mix for the sprint.
  • Cantwell’s peak power value of 1386 watts actually occurred during the descent coming out of Garden of the Gods on the third lap.

Stage 5 – Woodland Park to Breckenridge – 104 miles

Chris Butler (Team Hincapie Sports Development)


View Butler’s full file here.

  • In the break for most of the day, Butler averaged 251 watts, or 4.15w/kg. for 2:40. During that time he averaged 24.6 mph.
  • Heading up Hoosier Pass, which summits at 11,247feet, Butler had to up his watts to 293 watts, or 4.82w/kg. It took Butler 15′ minutes to cover to cover the 3.6 mile climb.
  • While trying to chase back to the front during the descent of Moonstone Rd. Butler hit his peak speed of 51.9 mph.

Stage 6 – Vail TT – 10 miles

Michael Rogers (Team Tinkoff Saxo)


View Rogers’ full file here. 

  • Rogers averaged 390 watts, or 5.34w/kg, for the 26 minute effort.
  • Showing his time trailing experience, Rogers was steady over the full 10 miles. His Variability Index® (VI®), was 1.01, about as smooth as possible. This is the perfect way to pace a time trial and it is very hard to do at altitude.
  • Showing he pushed the effort, his Intensity Factor® (IF®), was .97, meainng he held 97% of his Functional Threshold Power during the time trial.

Stage 7 – Boulder to Denver – 78 miles

Michael Rogers (Team Tinkoff Saxo)


View Rogers’ full file here. 

  • During the climb up Lookout Mtn. Rogers averaged 384 watts, or 5.19w/kg. for 23:50.
  • After the descent off of Lookout Mtn. Rogers and his breakaway companions stayed on the gas. In the final 55 minutes he averaged 296 watts, or 4.00w/kg. and 29 mph.
  • Over the 78 mile stage Rogers burned 3296 calories and averaged 25mph.
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