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2014 Tour de France Week 3 Power Analysis

Here is a look at some power numbers from the third week of the 2014 Tour de France.

The Tour de France challenges world class athletes in a manner that few other events can. In order to show just what it takes to ride in the Tour, we’ve taken power files from several riders and analyzed their data. Take a look at our analysis, or learn how to analyze a Tour file and perform your own. These files give insight in to how many calories they burn, how many watts they push up the massive climbs, just how fast they ride and answers the question; just how hard is the Tour de France?

Stage 16 – Carcassonne to Bagenéres-de-Luchon – 237.5km

Michael Rogers (Team Tinkoff Saxo)

trainingpeaks_tour-blog-stage-16-rogersView Rogers’ full file here.

  • After being in the break for 6 hours, Rogers made his race winning attack. For 4:35 he held 377 watts, 5.21w/kg, and averaged 57.7kmh (35mph).
  • Rogers’ peak 20 minute power came during the climb up the Porte de Balés where he held 441 watts, 6.09w/kg. During the entire climb Rogers held 428 watts, 5.91w/kg. for 35:16.
  • To take the stage, Rogers had to burn 6,639 calories, climb 3,198m (9,594ft.), and average 38.2kmh (23.6mph).

Stage 17 – Saint-Gaudens to Saint-Lary Pla d’Adet – 124.5km

Danny Pate (Team Sky)

trainingpeaks_tour-blog-stage-17-pateView Pate’s full file here. 

  • The racing started early for Pate. His peak 1 hour power of 316 watts, 4.3w/kg, was set in the first 55km (34 miles) while climbing the Cat 1 Col du Portillion.
  • Over this 4 hour stage Pate averaged 271 watts, burned 3,898 calories and averaged 82 rpm.
  • With 3348m (10,137ft) of elevation gain, Pate’s average speed was 30.8kmh (19mph).

Stage 18 – Pau to Hautacam – 145.5km

Mikel Nieve (Team Sky)

trainingpeaks_tour-blog-stage-18-nieveView Nieve’s full file here. 

  • The second rider over the Hors Category Col du Tourmalet, Nieve set his peak 1 hour power of 315 watts, or 5.04w/kg. burned 1134 calories and averaged only 21.9kmh (13.5mph).
  • To be in the early break, Nieve had to average 255 watts, 4.08w/kg., for just under 2 hours.
  • Even after the Col du Tourmalet, Nieve was still able to produce his peak 10 minute power on the Hors Category climb to Hautacam. He averaged 350 watts, 5.6w/kg, with an average heart rate of 163.

Stage 19 – Maubourguet Pays du Val d’Adour to Bergerac – 208.5km

Danny Pate (Team Sky)

trainingpeaks_tour-blog-stage-19-pateView Pate’s full file here.

  • Pate’s peak 10 minute power came 172km into the stage. He held 314 watts, 4.27w/kg. while averaging 44.6kmh (27.5mph).
  • In the first hour, Pate had to produce his peak 1 minute wattage of 473 watts, 6.44w/kg. while cresting a short climb. At this effort, he was only averaging 29.5kmh (18mph).
  • After his peak 1 minute effort uphill, Pate held his peak 1 minute speed of 72.2kmh (43.5mph) during a flat stretch.

Stage 20 – Bergerac to Perigueux – 54km

Michael Morkov (Team Tinkoff Saxo)

trainingpeaks_tour-blog-stage-20-morkovView Morkov’s full file here. 

  • Near the end of the 54km time trial, Morkov produced a peak 20 minute power of 342 watts, or 4.88w/kg.
  • To produce that effort, Morkov had an average cadence of 98rpm.
  • Morkov’s Variability Index® was 1.04, indicating that he had a steady power output throught the stage.

Stage 21 – Évery to Paris Champs Elysées – 137.5km

Simon Clarke (Team Orica GreenEDGE)


View Clarke’s full file here. 

  • In his effort to breakaway for the win, Clarke attacked and averaged 429 watts, 6.87w/kg, for 2:26. That’s a big effort at the end of the Tour.
  • During his effort, Clarke averaged 53.5kmh (33mph) with an average heart rate of 183bpm.
  • Clarke produced his power and speed with an average cadence of 105rpm.

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