Why Trainingpeaks Value Premium Athlete Account

Why TrainingPeaks ‘Premium Athlete’ Is More Valuable for Coaches

BY Tim Robinson

Providing not necessarily 'more' value but better value is the key differentiator and something the best coaches on the planet do without exception.

Let’s set the stage for you first. I’ve had the opportunity to work alongside globally recognized brands within the online coaching industry for the last five years — cycling coaches, triathlon coaches, ultra coaches, mountain bike, gravel and CX coaches. I’ve also worked with coaches in strength and conditioning, weightlifting, physique and bodybuilding worlds.

You name it, I’ve seen it. After working with hundreds of businesses that have succeeded, I want to give you insight into how they’ve done it.

It’s my mission to help coaches influence the world’s athletes, create a positive impact and achieve business outcomes to a level they’ve only dreamt about.

The best way to provide world-class service is to provide supreme value to those you serve. Providing not necessarily “more” value but better value is the differentiator and something the best coaches on the planet do without exception. So, how do you provide that level of value to your athletes? The answer is simple. It starts with premium solutions.

Benefits of Premium Athlete Accounts

There’s a reason that the world’s top endurance coaching business onboards all of their athletes with TrainingPeaks Premium athlete accounts. Premium is, well, premium for a reason. It delivers real, tangible value to athletes daily. Our most successful coaches use coach-paid athlete premium to drive value to their athletes.

Why? Premium gives athletes the ability to:

  • Track Fitness Improvement
  • Compare How They Stack Up Against the Competition
  • Add Notes, Reminders and Updates
  • Use the Drag-and-Drop Workout Builder
  • Track Peak Performances
  • Plan Future Workouts
  • Heart Rate, Pace and Power Charts
  • Weekly Fitness Summary
  • Create Multiple Workout Libraries
  • Edit Completed Workouts
  • Search and Filter Workouts

Feel free to compare the features of Premium and Basic. But you might still be asking why coaches should upgrade their athletes. TrainingPeaks Premium athletes stay on the platform longer, train longer, compete more and achieve more. Bluntly, they are invested in their training and your services.

Do you see the opportunity to make more money? Money may not be your primary motivation, but it’s the lifeblood of any business. You’ll need cash flow to deliver your services, knowledge and coaching to athletes. From a business perspective, it doesn’t make sense not to utilize the coach-paid Premium athlete accounts.

Now I’m guessing you’re thinking, “But what about the additional cost to me?” With a TrainingPeaks Coach plan, you pay a wholesale price for Premium athlete accounts starting at $9 per athlete per month.

Remember that the pricing for coach-paid Premium athlete accounts works on a graduated volume scale: the more athletes you upgrade, the better the pricing per athlete gets. And since these are invested clients, you make more money over time. You can check out the coach-paid Premium volume discounts to see where your price breaks would fall.

Compare those prices to what the athlete would pay — $19.95 per month.

The Business Case for Premium

Yes, you are paying for each athlete’s Premium account each month, but this is where your business savvy takes over. Include that $9 per month into your service charges, giving your business room to drive more margin while providing the most premium experience to your athletes, built in.

Hear me out through two examples.

Case Study #1

The Budget Offering: A coach sells a monthly coaching subscription for $25/month and highlights “TrainingPeaks Basic” as free. If the athlete converts, they will wind up paying you $25 x 12 months = $300/year, and they get none of the benefits listed above from Premium.

The average Basic athlete’s use of TrainingPeaks is seven months. So, you’re more likely to earn ~$175 for that athlete than the projected $300 annually. There is less lifetime value for these particular athletes. The athlete simply doesn’t stick around and get enough to make it worth paying for.

Case Study #2

The Premium Offering: A coach sells a monthly coaching subscription for $35/month with Coach-paid Premium included. That’s $35 – $9 = $26 x 12 = $312/year, and they’ll get the best features and services for training.

The average Premium athlete’s lifetime is 21 months. You’re likely to retain that athlete for longer and earn $546. Which case has a much higher lifetime value? Lifetime value is what the best coaching businesses are built on.

More Value, More Business

Some coaches believe that the price hike will scare away some potential customers. And it might, but only if you don’t position the value of your product correctly.

Quick Tip: The Marketing 101 tactic is to tell the potential athlete straight-up, “You get a TrainingPeaks Premium account on me! That’s a $20/month value for free!”

One coach-paid Premium athlete is worth three times that of a Basic athlete. You would only need to attract and convert one-third of the volume of athletes compared with the lower-priced, more “economical” option.

More importantly, you get the added benefit of athletes becoming fans and promoters of your coaching, your products and your brand. That’s free advertising, and social proof is the best way to create viral effects. Those viral network effects are what every business owner and brand creator is after to scale and maintain their business. And it’s all done through premium solutions.

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Tim Robinson, Account Growth Specialist At Trainingpeaks
About Tim Robinson

Tim Robinson is the Account Growth Specialist for TrainingPeaks. Tim spent the better part of a decade coaching collegiate (American) football before totally changing course. He was brought on by the best-in-class strength and conditioning company, TrainHeroic, where he would join a team that would smash sales records. He was also tasked to help TH’s most influential coaches grow their businesses — dozens of them! With his recent transition to TrainingPeaks, it’s Tim’s mission to provide world-class service and give valuable insight to TrainingPeaks’ family of elite coaches.

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