Pursuing Balance with Jen Rulon

Pursuing Balance with Jen Rulon

In this episode of the TrainingPeaks CoachCast, listen as Dirk and Jen talk through the different segments of healthy life balance.

In this episode of the CoachCast Dirk and Jen dove into what Dirk refers to as “podcasting therapy.” They explored the topics at the center of Jen’s new book “Self Motivational Strategies for Women” including family, fitness, creativity and more. Listen as they delve into expressing gratitude for our sport and environment, how creativity is manifested in sport and learning to let go.

Stand-Out Quotes

“Honestly, I think stepping away from Ironman really made me realize how not balanced I was in life—I was all-consumed because my job was my hobby and my hobby was my job.”

“I think athletes tend to be focused more on athletes, but like, what else drives you? What else motivates you?”

“When it comes to the spirituality, whether it’s a church, a house of God, or whether it’s you on your bike, riding in the mountains…Some people may not believe in God and that’s totally fine, but I always want to try to emphasize trying to find that sole purpose of why you’re on this earth.”

“I think the family part can be challenging when it comes to life balance because you are dealing with other human beings. By all means, I am not perfect…when I looked at my priority pie, I was solid on my physical health, solid on my creativity, solid with my work, my spirituality. But I can tell you, my family was pretty low.”


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