Maintaining Fitness After Fifty (And Beyond!) with Joe Friel

Maintaining Fitness After Fifty (And Beyond!) with Joe Friel

This week TrainingPeaks Co-Founder and Author of Fast After Fifty (among many others) Joe Friel explores how to stay strong as you age.

It’s not every day that Dirk gets to interview his father and TrainingPeaks’ Co-Founder, Joe Friel. Listen as Dirk and Joe discuss what it takes to stay competetive as Masters athletes (spoiler alert: incorporating high-intensity training, increasing protein intake and maximizing sleep are all super helpful!)

Stand-Out Quotes

“And as you get older, [V02 Max] declines rather rapidly—it’s something like on the order for an average population of 10 to 15% per decade, which is means every year, 1-1.5% of your VO2 Max is lost after roughly your early thirties.”

“When I was in college running track, the coach only knew one workout and we did it every day. And that was what I called ‘400 meters till you puke.’”

“If the hard workouts aren’t dreaded and if the easy workouts aren’t boring, then your is your training isn’t right.”

“The reason there’s so much research available now on aging athletes, as compared to 20 years ago, is because the baby boomers are now in their fifties, sixties, and seventies, and they’re breaking all these records.”


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