Dialing in Prehab with Physical Therapist Nathan Koch

Dialing in Prehab with Physical Therapist Nathan Koch

If you're an endurance athlete or coach, you likely know that the threat of injury is omnipresent. Gain insight into a PT's perspective in this episode.

Today, Dirk joined Physical Therapist Nathan Koch to explore the prehab and rehab best practices. Topics include but not limited to preferred recovery tools, the contentious value of static stretching, and how concussion therapy and brain science are finally taking their long-overdue place in the list of training and coaching priorities.

Stand-Out Quotes

“If you have a career that’s gonna last, per the average normal career of an endurance athlete, you’re going to be injured. That’s a a hundred percent guarantee. Our big focus is on the prevention and prehab with these athletes.”

“Even if you’re not an endurance athlete, you should be getting checked. Just like your dental checkup once a year or twice a year. What things can you be working on to optimize your, your movement?  Whether that movement is running, riding a bike, or whether you’re working in your garden and you don’t want to get hurt.”

“It’s easy to go through a whole checklist of assessment on flexibility and joint motion and strength, and find all this whole list of things that you think you should work on. And then that equates to two hours of a program but no one ever doing that, right? Cause it’s not realistic.”

“Riding, anywhere between four to six hours every day, you’re going to get muscles that are shortened and some stiffness. And so just doing a relaxing, easy stretch after riding I think is really important to restore things.”

“There is that acute-to-chronic ratio that makes a big difference. You can really make this person more bulletproof if you’re paying attention to that ratio and adding to it appropriately.”


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