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Building an E-Racing League with Tim Ballintine

BY TrainingPeaks CoachCast Host Dirk Friel

E-racing has taken off and Tim Ballintine has been ready for it. Listen as he and Dirk discuss what it takes to build a thriving virtual racing league.

When the huge surge of indoor and e-racing arrived earlier this year, Coach Tim Ballintine was more than ready. With his massively successful KOA Sports League, athletes have been able to race competitively from anywhere in the world while still maintaining an intimate, squad-like feel.

Listen as Tim and Dirk discuss how e-racing fills the winter slump that so many coaches experience and why a TrainingPeaks account serves as a great performance passport for those looking to race virtually.

Stand-Out Quotes

“My greatest concern was how the hell do we actually know whether these people can produce these numbers if we don’t know them, so to speak.”

“If you think about racing, it only represents a fraction of what an athlete actually does. So we think that to get a full picture or to get more confidence, we want to see the training data as well.”

“We’re coming into more of the Northern Hemisphere racing now. Obviously, with the uptake of the subscriptions with the COVID crisis, we’re expecting some pretty big eyes on the broadcast and also participation.“

“One of the biggest challenges… is power meters and trainers. They all have this percentage difference, and ultimately, every sport tries to level the playing field as much as possible. “


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