Becoming a Coach Educator with Shelly O’Brien

Becoming a Coach Educator with Shelly O’Brien

In this Sprint Episode of the TrainingPeaks CoachCast, Dirk profiles Triathlon Coach Shelly O'Brien to discuss her journey into coaching education.

There are few things more satisfying than mentoring and helping others succeed, but in this case, we’re talking about coaches helping coaches rather than athletes. In this week’s special Sprint Episode, Dirk sat down to profile one of USAT’s Educators of the Year, Shelly O’Brien. Listen as they discuss her sports journey—from beginner triathlete to a renowned coach of other triathlon coaches.

Stand-Out Quotes 

“I was working with my own athletes and mentoring them to take on others because I couldn’t help everyone that wanted my help. So, it fit better if I encouraged them to start even their own businesses.”

“When I started, you didn’t have to qualify for Kona. You signed up for Kona and competed. I mean, there was no waitlist.”

“I’m fortunate to be a part of all of that as we’ve gone along, helping coaches figure out what their niche is today and how to progress.”


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