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3 TrainingPeaks Features Coaches Can’t Live Without

We surveyed thousands of coaches and and found the three main feature sets our coaches simply can’t live without. Here's how to use them.

Coaches around the world use TrainingPeaks to help their athletes achieve life-changing goals. We know that your athletes’ needs and your business are unique, so we made it our mission to find out which TP features make the biggest impact for coaches. We surveyed thousands of coaches and learned that there are three main feature sets our coaches simply can’t live without:

  1. Communication Tools: Easily stay connected to your athletes and track their progress, without losing hours of your day.
  2. Data and Insights: Bring your coaching to the next level with advanced metrics and analysis.
  3. Organization tools: Save time, stay organized, and keep your sanity.

Coach Communication Tools

Whether you’re coaching five athletes or 100, the communication tools in TrainingPeaks can save you hours of time spent texting and emailing. Here are a just few ways TrainingPeaks streamlines communication between you and your athletes:

  • Daily email reminders: Athletes receive daily reminders with the schedule for the current and following day, which increases compliance and decreases confusion. 
  • Comments: Athletes leave post-workout comments for coaches to review, which influences upcoming training decisions. 
  • Scheduling: Athletes can add schedule conflicts such as vacation or work obligations,  keeping all communication in one, convenient place. No more scrolling through an email chain to find an athlete’s availability.

Just as triathlon coach Ben Stein said, “TrainingPeaks is a great tool for communicating with my athletes. Communication is key to success for athletes and coaches.”

Data and Insights

TrainingPeaks is best known for its in-depth metrics and insights. Coaches using TrainingPeaks have unparalleled access to their athletes’ data and use that information to deliver high-quality coaching experiences. Not only does this data make it easy for coaches to make decisions, but it also allows athletes to see their progress in real-time and understand the value your coaching provides. For example, the Performance Management Chart (PMC) is a key feature of TrainingPeaks that combines an athlete’s data on form, fitness and fatigue into one chart. It can also project future metrics based on prescribed training.

Coach Ruben Bacon uses TrainingPeaks for monthly reviews with his athletes. “The Performance Management Chart is the biggest, baddest, best view to share with athletes,” he says. Discussing the PMC with his athletes provides a clear visual of progress, and it helps with both performance and education. Bacon says his athletes enjoy these insights because they can see their peak and taper and understand how it relates to the race they are preparing for.

Coaching Efficiency and Time Management Tools

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is tricky for everyone, and coaches are no exception. Athletes don’t stick to a nine-to-five schedule when asking training-related questions, and races usually take place on the weekends. Because you want to provide a personal experience for each athlete, you likely often end up feeling like you’re constantly on call. TrainingPeaks helps group and sort notifications so you can reclaim your time. 

This suite of features focused on coaching efficiency is all about reducing the number of clicks and the amount of time it takes to assign training plans to your athletes.

  • Calendar: The TrainingPeaks calendar allows coaches to schedule workouts in advance and reveal them to the athlete at the appropriate time. 
  • Workout Library: Build and save key workouts to your workout library to reuse across multiple athletes. 
  • Coach Home: See a quick view of your athletes’ workout compliance without having to look at each individual athlete or workout. Red, yellow and green dots indicate compliance for each athlete, making it easy for you to get an overview.

We spend a lot of time at TrainingPeaks thinking about tools to make coaching as efficient as possible, and we’re constantly working to make improvements. Our core purpose is to maximize the potential of coaches to reach and impact the lives of the world’s athletes to be their best.

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