Why Should You Become Trainingpeaks Accredited

Why Should You Become TrainingPeaks Accredited?

Are you ready to take your coaching business to the next level? Becoming TrainingPeaks accredited might be your path to getting the exposure and credibility you've been looking for.

What Is TrainingPeaks Accreditation?

Whether you are just getting started as a coach in the endurance sports world or you are already at icon status, TrainingPeaks accreditation might help you take your business to the next level.

But, with so many other qualifications out there, why TrainingPeaks? Your TrainingPeaks accreditation will help separate you from the pack by making you more visible on TrainingPeaks platforms. Also, potential athletes know that TrainingPeaks accreditation means you have been vetted by TrainingPeaks, are a leader in your field, and have the education and experience to back it up.

And..you get a badge on your coach bio page and training plans to prove it!

Levels of Accreditation

There are two levels of TrainingPeaks accreditation which come with different requirements and benefits:

Level 1 Coach Accreditation


Must be actively using a TrainingPeaks Coach Account for at least three consecutive months.

Complete the TrainingPeaks Essentials Course

Complete the Introduction to Sports Psychology for Endurance Coaches online course

Complete the Level 1 Application
Coach profile will appear higher in TrainingPeaks Coach Directory searches.

Receive a TP Level 1 Accredited badge that is included on your coach profile. You can also use these images on your website and/or emails.

Level 2 Coach Accreditation 

Meets all requirements of TrainingPeaks Level 1 Accreditation.

Hold a Level 1 Accreditation for a minimum of three consecutive months.

Complete TrainingPeaks Advanced Essentials course

Complete Introduction to Business for Endurance Coaches course

Complete Introduction to Exercise Science for Endurance Coaches course Complete the Level 2 Application

All TrainingPeaks Level 1 benefits.

Eligible to participate in TrainingPeaks Coach Match Premium Coaching Services. This includes personalized marketing and complimentary billing services.

Coach profile will appear highest in TrainingPeaks Coach Directory searches.

TrainingPeaks Accreditation Level 2 logo added to Coach Directory and available for other business uses.

Exclusive Partner discounts and discounts on Continuing Education

Both accreditations must be renewed yearly.

What is Coach Match?

You probably didn’t start your coaching business because of your love of tracking down and invoicing athletes. We started Coach Match so you don’t have to worry about any of that.

With Coach Match, athletes looking for a coach submit detailed questionnaires about their sport history and goals which are reviewed by our team. Then, the Coach Match team hand-selects TrainingPeaks Level 2 Accredited coaches which would be a good fit and connects them. You take it from there.

If the match seems like a good fit, then you can start doing what you do best: coaching. We’ll take care of the standardized billing based on the athlete’s preferred level of service, and you’ll receive monthly payments without the hassle.

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About TrainingPeaks 

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