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2017 ECS Speaker Lineup and Agenda Announced

Six-time IRONMAN world champion Dave Scott announced as 2017 ECS keynote speaker, along with Olympic coach Bobby McGee, Joe Friel, Dr. Matthew Pahnke and several other experts from across the endurance sports industry.

TrainingPeaks has announced the speaker line up and program agenda for the 2017 Endurance Coaching Summit (ECS), held August 3 – 4 at the University of Colorado in Boulder. ECS will provide a unique blend of business and science topics for endurance coaches to expand their knowledge and learn new ways to grow as entrepreneurs in an ever-changing industry.

An IRONMAN Legend to Speak at ECS

ECS will cover the key business challenges faced by today’s coaches to give them the tools needed to grow their businesses. This year’s keynote speaker, six-time IRONMAN world champion Dave Scott, will discuss and reflect upon the evolution of science of human health & performance, and how they have impacted the industry.

“During my more than 30 years in triathlon—as an athlete and coach—I’ve seen and tried many different methodologies for improving performance,” said Scott. “What I’ve learned is that data-driven training is the most effective and efficient way to achieve true breakthroughs. I continue to be excited about the evolution of human performance science and how to apply it to athletes of all levels.”

From Business Strategy to Skill Adaptation

Successful business venturists Brad Cooper, co-founder of Catalyst Coaching Group, and QT2 Systems founder Jesse Kropelnicki will cover topics such as finding new clients, marketing best practices, and creating an optimal social media strategy.

Coaches will also gain practical insights into the latest research and science-based strategies. Keynote speaker and Olympic running and triathlon coach Bobby McGee will unpack the requirements for skill adaptation, and how coaches can help athletes break through mental barriers on the pathway to improved performance. Coaches will also learn about the latest in physiology, training with data, athlete psychology and sports nutrition from industry experts including Joe Friel, Dr. Kristin Keim, Corey Hart, Dr. Iñigo San Millan and Allison Powers. Dr. Matthew Pahnke, Principal Scientist at the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, will present on how coaches can use the latest research in endurance nutrition and hydration to help their clients reach their goals.

Dr. Paul Laursen, who attended last year’s ECS as a coach, will present this year on best techniques for monitoring athletes during rigorous long-distance race training.

“I highly valued my experience at last year’s ECS in Boulder. From inspiring success stories, to tricks of the trade offered by experienced science-based coaches, it was exactly what I needed to move my business forward,” says Laursen. “The social parties and training with the pros were another real highlight. If you’re an endurance coach you won’t be disappointed.”

An Internationally Recognized Conference

More than 400 coaches from 10 countries have attended previous ECS events. The 2017 Summit will build off the same successful format including keynote presentations mixed with valuable, small breakout sessions with leaders in the endurance sports industry. In addition, All USA Triathlon coaches will receive 12 CEUs for attending along with 15 CEUs from USA Cycling, which is the highest number of external CEUs for a single event in 2017.

ECS will also include daily, small breakout sessions in partnership with the University of Colorado Sports Medicine and Performance Center. Their internationally renowned staff will give coaches insights on topics including cycling and running biomechanics, swim stroke analysis, physiological and metabolic testing using the most advanced sports performance technologies.

Click here for more information and to register for the 2017 Endurance Coaching Summit.

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