It’s Time to Get Serious About Your Business

Every year ends with reflection and begins with a fresh drive. This is true for your athletes as well as for you as a coach. This is when you ask yourself what you did well last year and what you can improve on for the next. Now is the time to re-invest in and to get serious about your coaching business. Here is how TrainingPeaks can help you.

Coach Certification

We now offer TrainingPeaks Coach Certification. Certification shows athletes that you are experienced and knowledgeable in using TrainingPeaks to work with your athletes. It also makes you eligible to participate in our Coach Matching Service, where we’ll help you find leads for potential clients. Finally, our Certified Coaches are eligible to lead webinars, which are marketed to thousands of athletes and stored on YouTube for long term viewing.

Selling plans

Leverage our TrainingPeaks store to sell training plans. Plans are a great way to reach out to athletes who may not be ready for personal coaching services, but are still serious about reaching their goals. A well-written training plan can turn into the gateway for one-on-one coaching services. Right now is a particularly opportunistic time to write and sell some training plans – here’s why.

Prepare Your Public Profile

Thousands of athletes use the TrainingPeaks Coach Directory to search for a coach. Are you “on the map” and is your public profile doing a good job of “selling” your services?

Free Webinars

Stay on top of the latest device technology, learn about different aspect of training from experts in the field, hear what other successful coaches have to say about building a business, and more. Our free webinars are a great resource for continuing education. Some of our past webinars have included “The Business of Coaching” with Gordo Byrn, founder of Endurance Corner; various webinars focused on how devices sync with TrainingPeaks; “Ironman Race Day Execution”; and more.

TrainingPeaks University

We are very excited to be hosting the first ever on-site TrainingPeaks University this winter! Join us in Boulder, Colorado for a coaches-only intensive education opportunity to learn how to use your account most efficiently and effectively, adding value to your coaching business. Our first-ever TrainingPeaks University held in San Diego at the 2012 USAT Coaching Symposium was a hit, and now we are bringing it to our hometown of Boulder. Keep your eyes peeled for details, coming soon.

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Stephen Hancock

Stephen "BD" Hancock leads the TrainingPeaks Coach Edition Sales Team. He was TrainingPeaks' first employee. and in his past 10 years with the company, he has been the coaches' first point of contact, introducing them to the Coach Edition and educating them on how to best integrate the Coach Edition into their business – no matter how big or small.' He began racing Triathlons in 1988, racing all distances, and coaching as well.