Lactic Threshold Tests For Swim, Bike and Run


The words “FTP test” most likely strike fear into your heart when they appear on your weekly training plan. Fortunately, there are lots of new tests which can help approximate your results without the time or mental stress of a traditional FTP test.

Tips for Athletes Traveling Across Time Zones


Traveling across time zones might be a highlight of your season—but it can derail your training right before the big day. Here's how to ace your next trip.

TrainingPeaks After Hours: Dave’s Breck Epic Prep


TrainingPeaks Education Manager Dave Schell optimized his training around a busy travel schedule, bagging a top-ten at Colorado's most notorious Mountain Bike stage race.

Should Endurance Athletes Do Plyometric Training?


We all know plyometrics are good for increasing explosive power. But can "jump training" help endurance athletes as well?


Why Endurance Athletes Should Watch a High Heart Rate


Some studies suggest a correlation between endurance training and atrial fibrillation (AFib), a potentially dangerous heart condition. This athlete saw the signs early.

first marathon

Training Tips I Wish I’d Known Before Running My First Marathon


Whether your first marathon goes exactly as planned, or you crash and burn, you can always learn something. Here's what Andrew Simmons wishes he'd known from the start.

sweat rate

How to Calculate Your Sweat Rate


Determining your sweat rate is the first step to creating a successful hydration strategy. Here's how sweat rate testing works, and why it's so important.

TrainingPeaks Announces Subjective Feedback Feature


No matter how data-driven you or your coach may be, subjective feedback can place your quantitative data in context and help guide future training.

Speed Work vs. Endurance Running


You need both speed work and endurance running to build your fitness, and to refine your running form. Here's how to work on each.

salty sweater

6 Signs You Might be a Salty Sweater


Most athletes inherently understand their sweat rate, but sweat concentration can be a little trickier. These six signs suggest you're a salty sweater and might need to adjust your hydration plans accordingly.

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