Webinar: Targeted TSS for Ironman Training


Gordo Byrn and Alan Couzens of Endurance Corner discuss how to use TrainingPeaks' Training Stress Score® (TSS®) to target your Ironman training. 

Pacing Strategy for a Marathon


With the winter and spring marathon season looming in the near future and the 2012 Olympic Trials set for next week, I thought it would be a good idea to look at pacing technique, using a recent half marathon as a case study.

10 Guidelines for Effective Goal Setting


Whether we make formal New Year's resolutions or not, most of us find the beginning of the new year to be a time of reflection about what has passed and what we want to achieve now that we have a "fresh start". 

Calculating Swimming TSS Score


How to manually calculate swimming TSS.

Webinar: Planning Your Season Using the Annual Training Plan and VirtualCoach Features


In this video, Joe and Dirk Friel take you though planning your season using the Annual Training Plan and VirtualCoach features in the Premium edition of

Elevation Correction for Explained


Elevation Correction is a feature on, allowing you to apply correction to your GPS workouts. As good as GPS devices are for tracking speed and distance, they suffer in the ability to record accurate elevation data.  This is just an inherent limitation to GPS technology. 

Efficiency Factor and Decoupling


Joe Friel explains the concepts of "Efficiency Factor" and "Decoupling."  The two factors allow athletes to track changes in overall fitness. 

8 Training Mistakes to Avoid in 2012


As 2012 approaches, this is a great time to sit down and think about how to avoid some basic but all too common training mistakes in the upcoming season. Here is my list of the top eight mistakes to avoid in 2012.

The Tired Athlete: Understanding Fatigue and Recovery


Are you constantly fatigued? Here's how you can use the Performance Management Chart to tell if you are overreaching or overtraining.

Top 10 Reasons Exercise Is Bad For You


There are people who need to exercise, and who absolutely benefit from exercise. But exercise also has a dark side - dangerous disadvantages that affect thousands of people each day.

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