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Maximize Your Off-Season With TrainingPeaks

We know that coaching in the off-season can be challenging, but now is the best time to recharge, reflect on your business, and reset your coaching strategy as you begin looking to next year’s goals. TrainingPeaks Coach Edition empowers you to level up your coaching game by planning, tracking, and analyzing your athletes’ training all in one place. Give your athletes a training experience they’ll love so that you can spend more time doing what you love — coaching.

Powerful Planning

Powerful Planning

Streamlined Communication

Streamlined Communications

Meaningful Metrics

Meaningful Metrics

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Sync Your Workouts With Your Athletes’ Devices

Automatically sync your workouts to your athletes’ running watches or bike computers so they can get real-time instructions during their training sessions. After they complete a workout, their data automatically uploads from their device to TrainingPeaks, allowing you to immediately see how their fitness is progressing.

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Powerful Planning Tools

Look professional, stay organized, and keep your sanity.

Annual Training Plan

Start the year off on the right foot by creating an Annual Training Plan. Map out the season, help your athletes set goals, and ensure that they stay on track for each peak event. With the ATP, you’ll be set up to make next season the best one yet.

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Availability & Weather

Stay informed, and provide a smooth experience for your athletes by scheduling training around their life. Easily see local weather conditions for each of your athletes, and avoid those last-minute schedule changes

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Workout Library

Gain back precious time in your workday. With the Workout Builder, you can create structured workouts for your athletes in minutes. Make future planning even easier by saving your workouts to your library and applying them to multiple training plans. Never waste time duplicating your work again.

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Streamlined Communications

Stay connected to your athletes and easily track their progress.

Workout Comments

Set your athletes up for success with pre-workout instructions. Let your individual coaching shine through, and help your athletes feel confident before they start their training sessions.

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Workout Compliance

See at a glance how well your athletes are sticking to their planned workouts. Get the full picture in seconds with our intuitive color-coded system, and easily keep your athletes on track.

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Subjective Feedback

Get the complete 411 on each workout. Athletes can report how they felt during a workout, log their RPE, and leave post-workout comments. With valuable insight into your athletes’ training, you can help prevent injury, illness, and overtraining.

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Meaningful Metrics

Powerful data that shows you the full story of your athletes’ training.

Performance Management Chart

Custom metrics with powerful visuals allow you to leave the guesswork behind. With the PMC, you’ll always have a clear picture of an athlete’s progress, catch any red flags, and stay one step ahead.

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Coach Edition allows you to track over 60 health metrics from your athletes’ integrated devices. See all the data you need to make the best decisions for your athletes, all in one place.

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TrainingPeaks enables me to keep track of all my athletes and their data together in one place. I require my athletes to have a Premium account in order to work with me, so that everything is organized and streamlined.

Jennifer Harrison
Coach Jennifer Harrison
Owner & Head Coach at JHC Coaching

The Performance Management Chart in TrainingPeaks is the biggest, baddest, best visual to share with athletes. You can’t argue with it.

Ruben Bacon
Coach Ruben Bacon
CEO & Personal Coach at PACE

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