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See How You Compare to the Competition

TrainingPeaks’ newest beta feature offers cyclists and runners the chance to see how their performance data stacks up against the competition well before they hit the start line. 

StackUp compares your cycling power or running pace data to other anonymous users, giving you an unparalleled view of how you stack up to the competition. Filter by age and gender to see what percentile your performance numbers fall into across a range of time intervals. 

Our goal is to provide you with the data you need to understand how you compare to your peers during training — not just on race day.

To Access StackUp:

Stackup Step 1

1. Download the latest version of the app (Android / iOS). Open your TP mobile app and navigate to the Analytics section.

Stackup Step 2

2. Within Analytics, select the StackUp tab.

Stackup Step 3

3. Adjust your filters and see how your Peak Performances compare to other TrainingPeaks users.

A Graphic Representation Of What The Weather Beta In Trainingpeaks Apps

Weather in TrainingPeaks

Schedule Confidently, with Quick Access to your Athletes’ Local Weather

Our beta weather feature shows local weather for the coming week in premium athletes’ web calendars. It can be switched on or off in settings, depending on an athlete’s preferences. Our goal with this beta is to understand which weather details help coaches save the most time, and how.

Note: Weather is a Beta, if you log out or change browsers, you may need to re-enable the feature after login.

To Access Weather:

A Graph Showing Mock Info From A Trainingpeaks Performance Management Chart

1. Athletes – Sign Up for Premium
*Coaches – Enable for Premium Athletes

A Screenshot Of The Settings Menu In The Trainingpeaks App

2. Open Settings in Web App

The Menu Item In The Trainingpeaks App Settings For Weather Data

3. Enable Beta Features

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