How to Use TrainingPeaks Home View on Mobile

How to Use TrainingPeaks Home View on Mobile

With Home View on TrainingPeaks mobile, it’s easier than ever to track your fitness, set your goals, and monitor your performance.

With the TrainingPeaks mobile app, you can get check your current fitness, weekly progress, and latest workouts, all from your phone. Here we’ll walk you through some of the most powerful functions on the “Home View” within the TrainingPeaks mobile app. To start, log into the mobile app and tap “Home.”

Today’s Fitness, Fatigue, and Form

The first thing you’ll see is your current Fitness, Fatigue, and Form based on your recent training trends, along with general recovery advice if it appears you are digging yourself into a hole. By visiting this area frequently, you will get a sense of when you are steadily building fitness, when you have hit a plateau and a change may be warranted, or when you may be overreaching and some recovery is in order.



Remind yourself exactly what you are training for by reviewing your upcoming events. In the home view, you’ll see how many weeks remain until your “A” priority event prominently displayed. You can also review other events on your calendar, or even add a new event. Stay on top of where you are in your plan, and how much time remains before it’s go-time!

Weekly snapshot

In training and racing, consistency is the name of the game. Under your Weekly Snapshot, you can review your planned versus completed duration, distance, and Training Stress Score (TSS) to make sure you’re staying on track toward your goals.


You can also get a weekly overview of your overall compliance based on how closely you followed your plan. Gain insight from your weekly fitness trends, indicated by arrows denoting whether they went up, down or stayed the same from the previous week.

Stay on track with the new Home View

Stay on track with your goals by logging into the mobile app and visiting the new Home View to get a handle on where you are today, where there is room for improvement, and then set your plan into motion and revisit frequently as you get closer to race day.  

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