Edit Current Annual Training Plan

Edit Current Atp

  1. From the ATP tab, click the gear hyperlink.
  2. The ATP wizard will open, allowing you to make edits to your Annual Training Plan.

Please note that if you add other ‘A’ or ‘B’ priority events and then select ‘recalculate’ your ATP will recalculate and you will not be able to undo those changes.

Adjust Annual Training Plan Display

Adjust Atp Display

  1. From the ATP view, select the menu icon on the far right of your browser window to change your display options.
  2. You can also adjust your ATP parameters here. TrainingPeaks recommend that you only adjust these settings if you’re an advanced user.  For more background on how to do so see this article.

Manually Adjust ATP in ATP Graph

Manually Adjust Atp In Graph

  1. Drag Blocks up or Down in ATP to shift planned values.
  2. Confirm Changes (if satisfied with adjusted planned CTL, ATL, and TSB).
  3. See how changing the blocks changes planned CTL, ATL, and TSB.