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Introducing TrainingPeaks Workout Builder

BY Dirk Friel

Available today, coaches and athletes can now easily build structured workouts with dynamic training targets and auto-calculated workout TSS.

Today we’re excited to release our new Workout Builder, available for all TrainingPeaks users. It’s a powerful new tool for both coaches and athletes with many new benefits and the potential for some exciting opportunities in the future.

Dynamic Training Targets

Workout Builder dynamically adds Individual training targets and zone values to each workout built. For example, if a coach wants to prescribe a ‘20-minute interval within zone 3’ to all of their athletes, they can now simply create the interval workout using Workout Builder and it will dynamically populate each athlete’s zone 3 training targets instead of having to rebuild and customize it multiple times for each athlete.


Auto-Calculate Workout TSS

Workout Builder is making its debut just a couple of weeks after Season Planning with TSS. Planning with TSS gives you the ability to plan an entire season using intensity and is reflected within the Calendar as weekly TSS targets. The new Workout Builder is the missing piece that will calculate TSS for each workout as it’s created. Coaches or athletes who set weekly TSS targets on the ATP can now use the Workout Builder to create workouts that target that weekly TSS volume. They no longer need to plan in terms of distance and duration as TSS accounts for intensity as well.

Workout Details

Not only will each athlete see their individual training targets and zones for each workout through the daily workout e-mail reminders and mobile notifications, they will also see a visual representation of the workout within the web and mobile apps. They will quickly be able to see the workout elements like warm up, main set and cool down. No longer will they have to read through lengthy descriptions just to get a sense of what is prescribed.

With Dreaming Season now under way, we hope these new features will help you plan for your most successful season yet. We too are dreaming about what’s next. The release of Workout Builder opens up many new possibilities, such as pushing structured workouts directly to devices.

Learn how to build a workout or log in and create one now.

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About Dirk Friel

Dirk Friel is co-founder and Chief Evangelist of TrainingPeaks and Peaksware. Dirk has been helping age-group athletes, Olympians and World Champions track, analyze and plan their training for more than 20 years.