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1. Connect Your Fitness Devices to TrainingPeaks

First, you’ll need to connect your smart watch, power meter, or bike computer to your TrainingPeaks account so that your workout data can start to sync. Here’s an article detailing the steps you’ll need to take to connect your device.

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2. Choose a Training Plan

Whether you’re a runner, cyclist, or triathlete, a quality training plan will structure your training for you so that you can show up to your start line race-ready. Take our training plan quiz to quickly get plan recommendations based on your goal, schedule, and experience level. You can also browse through the world’s largest selection of training plans in the TrainingPeaks plan library. If you just want to test something out, then we have a wide selection of plans for less than $5 that can get you started!

Once you find your perfect plan, you’ll need to apply it to your TrainingPeaks account so that your workouts can populate in your TrainingPeaks calendar.

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3. Complete Your First Workout

It’s time to start training! If you’ve successfully followed steps one and two, then your planned workouts will appear on your device on the day of your training session.

When you start a TrainingPeaks workout on your fitness device, your device will guide you through your session so that you can hit the workout’s target power, pace, or heart rate numbers. After you’ve completed your workout, the workout’s data will automatically sync from your device to your TrainingPeaks calendar, and the completed workout will turn green to indicate compliance.

Congratulations! You are  on your way to realizing the strongest and fastest version of yourself, and we’re happy to be along for the ride.