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Workouts Automatically On Your Handlebars

Get your daily TrainingPeaks workouts right on your Wahoo ELEMNT or ELEMNT BOLT and let it guide you through your workout in real time. Get started in three easy steps.

Step 1

Using the Wahoo Companion App, link your TrainingPeaks account.

Step 2

Build a structured workout or apply a training plan to your TrainingPeaks calendar.

Step 3

Complete your daily workouts through your Wahoo device.

Try A Free Kickstart Training Plan

After applying a free plan to your TrainingPeaks calendar, link your account with the Wahoo Companion App and it will automatically sync your next five planned workouts.

Use Tp Workout Builder

Build Workouts with 30 Days Free Premium

Easily build structured workouts in minutes. Simply drag and drop training blocks together and the Workout Builder will automatically populate specific pace, power or heart rate training targets based on your current fitness.