TrainingPeaks University

TrainingPeaks University South Africa

TrainingPeaks University
September 26-27 - Johannesburg, South Africa

Pricing: Sold Out

Presenters: Joe Friel (Author of the Training Bible series) and Dave Schell (TrainingPeaks' Director of Education)

TrainingPeaks University Kona

TrainingPeaks University
October 10-11 - Kona, Hawaii

Pricing: $299 - $349

Presenters: Joe Friel (Author of the Training Bible series) and Dave Schell (TrainingPeaks' Director of Education)

TrainingPeaks University San Diego

TrainingPeaks University
October 26-27 - San Diego, California

Pricing: $299 - $349

Presenters: Joe Friel (Author of the Training Bible series) and Dave Schell (TrainingPeaks' Director of Education)

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TrainingPeaks Power Certification

This course is designed to equip coaches and athletes with a deeper understanding of power training and its complexities, and with the knowledge of how to interpret data to improve performance.

TrainingPeaks University Online

This is an introductory course to teach coaches how to effectively use the TrainingPeaks ecosystem of products in order to save time, find more clients, and ultimately grow their businesses.

This online course meets one of the requirements of getting TrainingPeaks Level 2 Certified.

Mental Toughness for Injured Athletes: How to Regain Confidence and Get Back to Competition

If you've ever been injured, you know that sometimes your body is healed before your confidence is. Your brain needs its own "physical therapy" to get back to the confidence and composure you felt before you got injured. The Mental Toughness for Injured Athletes program will provide you with the tools you need to regain your confidence and get back to the athlete you were (and even better than you were!) before your injury.

The Business of Selling Training Plans

In this course, David Glover shares his approach to creating, marketing and selling online training plans in TrainingPeaks that enabled him to go from $420 in training plan sales in 2009 to more than $100,000 in sales in 2013 and every year since.

You'll learn David's process for identifying opportunities, creating better plans, selling more plans and improving the customer's experience. He'll share specific examples of what works and what doesn't work plus key takeaways that you can apply immediately to build and expand your own training plan business.

Planning With TSS

Endurance coaching icon Joe Friel will tell you how to achieve peak performance by planning your season with TSS

Joe Friel's Introduction to Advanced Power and Pace Metrics

Joe Friel, world famous author of the Training Bible Series, introduces the meaning and concepts of the metrics contained in TrainingPeaks and WKO software.

CEUs: This course has been approved for 3 CEUs from USAC

IMPORTANT: This course is included in TrainingPeaks 101 online and is not a qualifying course for Level 2 Certification

Marketing Basics for Coaches

This course is designed to give you the tools you need to create a marketing plan that will attract and convert new athletes, allowing you to grow your business.

Instructor Bio: Heather Blackmon is a digital marketing consultant with 15 years in the digital space. She helps endurance coaches create scalable and effective marketing strategies to grow their businesses. As a coach herself, she help athletes reach their goals faster, through endurance coaching and personal training. You can find her on Twitter and Facebook as @FITaspire.

WKO4 Basic Introduction

This 2 hour introductory course will help to get you started with your new WKO4 software. Tim Cusick, the WKO4 product leader, will walk you through navigation, athlete management, and chart management.

Mountain Performance Online Workshop

In this 7 hour course, world-class climber Steve House and Scott Johnston, coach of U.S. National Champions and World Cup Nordic Skiers, present a series of lectures that address climbing, ski-mountaineering, SkiMo Racing, and mountain running (up to and including ultra-distances) specific training for the self-coached athlete. With the purchase you will gain access to Mountain Performance Workshop video content for one year.

The Fundamental Physics of Cycling

In this course, we will discuss the underlying principles of physics in cycling and show the fundamental equation that translates your athlete's effort into speed.

Run with Power

In this introductory course Training Bible coach, Jim Vance, begins to demystify the data and vocabulary so you can find and understand your most important numbers.

The Business of Coaching

In this 1 Hour course Brad Cooper, the CEO of US Corporate Wellness and Co-founder of the Catalyst Coaching Institute walks you through 5 key steps you can take right now to turn your coaching hobby into a full time business.